Berghaus Explorer Ridge Hiking Boot Review

Enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking requires stamina, strength and of course superior equipments. Since it involves a lot of footwork, protecting the feet and ensuring its comfort is a priority. Good footwear when hiking is relevant to assure safety as well as ease. Berghaus Explorer Ridge Hiking Boot are specially constructed boots that will certify comfort and flexibility when it comes to tackling terrain and trails. It’s a 2 to 3 season type of boots designed for challenging conditions without discomfort on your feet.


  • Made of high-quality and durable material that provides flexibility when undertaking challenging conditions
  • Has Gore-Tex lining making it waterproof and ensure foot comfort, whether walking on water, mud or snow
  • Fiber cushion insole giving excellent cushioning
  • Flexible lacing system which extends as your foot expands, while the upper half stays firm to guarantee good ankle support.

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Berghaus Explorer Ridge Hiking Boot Reviews

Miss Jones “anniefudge” says:

“I love these boots they are lightweight,robust and vv comfy
I’m quite old school in that I love leather boots and these needed hardly any breaking in
Ive walked miles in these babies over and in peat bogs,rocky outcrops heathland wild moors,deep snow
They haven’t let me down if Berghaus ever stop making these I’ll buy in bulk because I don’t ever want a different pair of boots.”

possum says:

“To date no complaints. So comfortable to wear straight away, good quality and they are defintely waterproof unlike some of the cheaper brands. It is worth paying that bit extra.”

What is amazing about the Explorer Ridge Hiking boots is its lightness. The full grain leather used for these boots makes it light. When your hiking a tough terrain, it’s always good to know that your shoes isn’t the one weighing you down. Forget blisters with these boots because you are assured  that your feet are well protected.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy challenging yourself with rough terrains and hiking trails then make sure that you have the Berghaus Explorer Ridge Hiking Boot as your footwear. They are comfortable, waterproof and flexible so you can be confident with whatever adventure thrown your way. Visit Amazon if you want to order online.