Berghaus Freeflow Backpack Review

As always, a backpack is one of the most useful types of packing items you can ever have. Although a typical backpack is improper when used on hiking and trekking, it sure is better than using a luggage. Same goes to all other types of journeys. Bottom line – you need to have at least one versatile rucksack that will accompany and help you with all your packing dilemmas any time you’ll need it.

But how do you determine if one is versatile enough? Here’s my review of my travel buddy for about 3 years now – the Berghaus Freeflow. This will show you what versatility and durability means in terms of items like this.

Specs and Features

Ideal size

Whether that’s an overnight trip to a friend’s home or a day trip with your colleagues, this item is the ideal rucksack to use. It’s small enough to carry all your essentials and leave enough room for take homes. It is available in two main types – the one with 20 liter capacity and the other one that has 30 liter capacity.

Apart from that, there are also the 35+8, 30+6, 20+5 and other models that feature capacity add-ons. This alone is one factor you should give importance to as not all laidback rucksacks offer such feature. With Freeflow on the name, you can expect that the Berghaus Freeflow is flexible enough to adapt to your back. This unique back system is one of the main reasons why I purchased the item.

Level-up features

In connection to the Freeflow back system is the EVAbreathe Matrix Foam technology. This is installed at the back panel which allows you to travel with less heat and the back. Less heat means less sweat, and less sweat means fewer chances of acquiring colds and cough. Now that’s a health saver. This bag also comes with its own rain cover. It is compatible on hydration systems hence; you don’t have to worry about bottled waters anymore. All zippers are sturdy and the cuts and stitches are neat and perfectly designed.

The Berghaus Freeflow has versions for both male and female. Now this is wonderful news since males have different back shape compared to females. When it comes to backpacks, nothing else can fix such dilemma but the back panel system of the rucksack.

Where it can be improved

With all these features and specifications, you might think “what else could go wrong?” Well technically; there is something that will always go wrong. On the Berghaus Freeflow’s viewpoint, it is the price of the item. It costs around £80 for the typical size and of course, the bigger ones cost more.

I’m also worried about its size. One claims be to capable of carrying up to 20 liters but once you see it, you will probably ponder if it’s really for 20 liters.

Product Variations

Berghaus Freeflow 20
Berghaus Freeflow 25+5
Berghaus Freeflow 30+6

Berghaus Vapour 32
Berghaus Capacitor 35

Overall Review

For 3 years of using the Berghaus Freeflow, there’s no reason for me to say this is not recommended. It may not be perfect, just like any rucksacks in the market, but it acquires the most useful features making it worth the buy. Pricing at around £80 for the 25 liter carry capacity, this is a bit cheaper compared to other similar items. Check this Berghaus backpack now and you never know, maybe this will serve as your long-term travel companion as well.