Berghaus Remote 20 25 and 30 Unisex Backpack Review

For a person like me who loves having day trips, a handy rucksack is quite important. However, finding the best one that fits my needs is not as easy as what most people think. You don’t simply go to the mall and purchase the one that fits your budget or your style; there’s a lot more things to take into consideration.

So, after spending a couple of hours searching in different shopping malls, I was able to find the one that I know will be able to keep up with my needs. I’m talking about the Berghaus Remote backpack. It comes with all interesting and essential features which led me to writing this review.

Item Blueprint

Comfort and convenience

Just like any meticulous buyer, I’m also up for the comfort and convenience and Berghaus Remote rucksack has both. Its FreeFlow back system makes the entire trip complacent. Such system comes with vented foam for extra breathability. This is quite perfect if you’re travelling in a hot place or during summer. Its detachable waist belt keeps the bag snug tight while you battle with rough terrains. It also includes an adjustable chest strap which you can tweak for it to fit your height.

For your ever-beloved gadgets, the Berghaus Remote backpack also has something for them. Its laptop compartment is padded and it comes with an internal organizer. Now what else will you search for?

Leave nothing behind

Pocket, pocket, pocket – something that is either too much or too less in most rucksacks. With Berghaus Remote, you’ll find just enough slip-in and zip-in compartments. It has water bottle pockets on the side and a zipped front pocket for easy access on loose coins, Swiss knife, or anything alike. One shoulder strap also has a mesh, semi-stretchable pocket that is a perfect nest for small flashlights.

Furthermore, this rucksack is also equipped with loops and attachment points for more travelling gears. It has front slots for walking poles and an LED attachment point. It also comes with compression straps that help the bag stay fit and snug. You might also appreciate the fact that you won’t leave water behind as this item is hydration system compatible.


Among the extra features of Berghaus Remote which I consider highly useful include the bungee cord and sturdy grab handle. Its reflective detail should also be highlighted as it helps for maximum security of even your smallest belonging. Unisex and comes in 3 different capacities, indeed this is perfect for the entire family. It’s also user-friendly and again, adjustable in many different ways. Now you can settle with one, highly trusted brand only.

Where it can be improved

On the drawback side, you might want to be extra cautious with matching your size and the backpack. While you can purchase a 30 liter Berghaus Remote rucksack, this is sometimes not enough especially for big people who obviously owns bigger clothes and shoes. You can solve this dilemma by having a smaller carry-on with you.

Product Variations

Berghaus Remote 20
Berghaus Remote 25
Berghaus Remote 30

Berghaus Freeflow 25+5 Backpack
Berghaus Twentyfourseven Backpack

Final Verdict

With the price of £35 – £60, who would consider this as over-priced?? The Berghaus Remote is one of the few items in the market that is more focused on providing the best to their consumers rather than earning for themselves. Hence, this is a highly recommended item for all types of travelers out there.