Berghaus Spectrum Men’s Fleece Review

Are you one of those people who are fond of travelling in cold places? I just started my share on that a couple of months ago, and because of my enormous failure on that first arctic trip, I decided to make this review. It totally slipped off my mind that I should include a fleece jacket in my wide selection of jackets. Although it was not that bad, it was still very cold and I wasn’t able to enjoy as much as I could have.

Hence, I headed straight to the sports section of various malls and searched for a fleece jacket. I chose the Berghaus Spectrum and it was the best step I’ve done, ever! Here’s why.

Clothing Features

Simply exceptional

This midweight jacket doesn’t only fit me perfectly; it also provides the right level of warmth and comfort I’m looking for. I already have a Berghaus Interactive outer jacket and luckily, this can be doubled in for better comfort. Now that’s a great deal! I’m always concerned on the versatility of an item and as much as possible, I want to purchase something that can use utilized in many ways. I haven’t had a jacket that can be used in such a way and I was just so lucky I found this Berghaus creation.

Furthermore, I would also want to command the caring instructions for this jacket. Technically, there’s not much instructions – a total opposite of other winter clothing where you have to deal with a long list of do’s and don’ts; and take note, we’re focused on jackets there. With the Berghaus Spectrum fleece jacket, the only thing you have to avoid it getting it stained. It also dries quicker compared to similar products – that is, based on my experience.

Tailoring work and more

As for the design, this item is also fairly fashionable. It has that statement of simplicity and cleanliness. While fashion is not really important when you’re climbing icy mountains, many individuals (especially the ladies) are still concerned about it. So if you’re one of them, most probably this is the ideal fleece jacket for you.

There are two zipped hand-warmer pockets that can assist the main duty of gloves. The deep snug neck design is ideal for climbers and explorers who tend to feel cold immediately. This also has extra internal features such as AT-Classic fabric that is designed to reduce pilling and give you maximum comfort. If you’re not used to the cold weather, this feature is something you really need to consider.

Where it can be improved

I think Berghaus should focus more on improving their clothing material. Although this fleece jacket works perfect for me, I notice that it starts to become fuzzy. I’m afraid it will get to the point where I can’t use it anymore. Probably it’s also because of my washing techniques. If you’re planning to purchase this item, be sure to ask the salesperson (or better yet, call Berghaus) the proper way of washing this jacket, just to be sure. Apart from that, I don’t have problems with this.

Product Variations

Berghaus Cornice Gore-Tex Jacket
Berghaus Spectrum Micro Full Zip Fleece
Berghaus Polarplus Interactive Fleece




Final Say

Whether or not you’re fashionable as long as you seek high quality product, the Berghaus Spectrum is perfect for you. I know this is not perfect but so are the other fleece jackets out there. What I love the most about this is that it’s from a well-known company and its quality, just like any Berghaus item is at the highest level. With the price of £41-£45, this is really worth the buy. Now you know what to bring on your next winder trekking adventure.