Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30LTR Rucksack Review

Whether I am hitting the trail for a day hike or on the go around town, the Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30ltr Rucksack is the first thing I grab. Finding the perfect rucksack for casual travel or school is tricky. Your bag needs to be light, comfortable, and still have enough room for your supplies. It should also be affordable. This is where the Twentyfourseven line of rucksacks comes in.

Berghaus 24/7 30 Litre Daysack, Black, One Size
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Specs and Features

The Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30ltr Rucksack offers all of the convenience of one of Berghaus’ larger packs in 30 compact liters, weighing only 480g. My favorite feature is the comfortable back fitting system found in all of Berghaus’ packs. The slight curve allows for a comfortable, breathable fit ideal for hiking and hauling books across campus. Say goodbye to sweaty backpack marks and hello to comfort.

I love pockets. The more storage compartments, the happier my travels. Separate compartments help me stay organized on the trail or on the road. I know where everything I need is located, from my phone to my travel first aid kit and my absolutely essential snack bars. Proper storage prevents my possessions from damage and saves me valuable time rummaging around my rucksack looking for things. The bag even has additional external storage compartments for easy access.

Since I use this bag around town as well as on the trail, I appreciate the reflective detailing. It keeps me safe in the dark while navigating traffic, and the contemporary styling doesn’t hurt. The bag comes in two colors, black and a dark blue. Both match whatever I happen to be wearing, and the rugged material resists wear and tear.

Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30LTR Rucksack Alternatives

Sometimes 30ltrs is too much space. For daily convenience, Berghaus carries several smaller rucksacks. The 15ltr sack is just as practical and stylish as the 30ltr, but half the size. The compartments are perfect for storing electronics, snacks, and personal items. Plus, they offer the same storage advantages as the 30ltr pack. You will never have to hunt for your car keys again. The Twentyfourseven also comes in 10, 20 and 25ltr sizes for all of your Twentyfourseven needs.

For longer hikes or travels I prefer the Trail Speed 30 Rucksack. Berghaus claims it is their most ventilated pack yet, and so far I would have to agree. The Freeflow technology and MtnHaus body mapping research used by the company makes for an extremely comfortable fit. Air flow between the pack and your back keeps you cool, and the rucksack rides comfortably, avoiding trigger points. This is helped by the adjustable chest, top tension, and compression straps, allowing you to customize the fit. Plus it has all of the compartments and pockets I have come to expect from Berghaus, with the addition of a top lid pocket and the walking pole attachment found on all of the Twentyfourseven packs.

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Berghaus Twentyfourseven 20
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Berghaus Remote 20
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It is always a good idea check out other customer reviews before making a purchase, especially when shopping online. This is crucial if you can’t see or try on the bag for yourself. Berghaus generally receives five stars and up on Amazon. The Twentyfourseven line averages 4.6-star ratings.

Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30LTR Drawbacks

I am constantly on the search for the perfect rucksack, but realistically I know that most products come with potential drawbacks. The 30ltr pack could use a few more storage compartments and an additional, smaller compartment on the outside for easier access to keys and essentials. The bungee straps are great for strapping in a raincoat or other items that don’t fit in the bag, but strings attached to the zippers come off relatively easily, making them harder to pull.

The bag is water resistant, however, you will need a waterproof cover if you plan on taking it for frequent walks in the rain, especially if you carry electronics. Serious hikers should be aware that this rucksack is designed for daily use, not long hikes. While it is exceeding comfortable to wear while walking, serious hikers will want a more technical pack like the Trail Speed 30 Rucksack.

Final Thoughts on Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30LTR Rucksack

The Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30ltr Rucksack is a great all around rucksack, perfect for shorter hikes and day to day use. There is plenty of room for electronics and a change of clothes, making it an ideal carry-on for airlines, buses, or bikes. The fit is comfortable and the pack is nice and light. The stylish contemporary design blends into every setting, making it good for school, traveling, or a hike through the woods.

The price is what really seals the deal. Berghaus is one of the few high-quality rucksack makers to carry a reliable product at an affordable price. The bag sells for 55 euros from the manufacturer (about $60 USD), which is a reasonable price for a decent rucksack. The bag is durable and long lasting, making it a good investment for the active individual.