Camelbak Octane Xct 3 Litre Hydration Pack Review

Hydration packs are of extreme necessity when it comes to rigid hiking and trekking. Travel enthusiasts know this for a fact. There are actually other options when it comes to hydration when travelling but bringing a hydration pack is undeniably the best one. One of the brands that I can recommend to you is the Camelbak Octane XCT 3Litre Hydration Pack.


The Camelbak Octane XCT is an upgraded and updated version of a hydration pack. It is really perfect for all locomotor travel activities such as biking or trail hiking since it has an amazing light and comfortable design. Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack features an ultralight ripstop pack body, an air channel back panel, an access at the front of the pack, a ventilated air mesh harness, an extra long waist belt pockets, a secure essentials pocket, a bungee overflow storage and front and rear reflectivity.

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Suzijel says:

“This ‘bak’pack is excellent. It holds 1 litre of water/ sport drink comfortably, and there is plenty of room in the 3 pockets (two at the hips and one on the back) for accessories; hat, gloves, gps/phone, gels, wallet, keys etc. The elastic strap arrangement at the back can be used to securely hold a light fleece or wet weather running jacket. Even with all this on board the pack is light and manageable. I’ve used the pack for 1/2 marathons, 10K’s, adventure races and it has been superb. It fits well to the body, and on those cold morning runs actually keeps the chill off your back and kidneys aswell.
A little tip I’d offer is when the pak is filled with liquid and tightened-up; lay it flat then suck the air from the water bladder. This stops the liquid sloshing around so much, and makes your run quieter.
The straps allow you to adjust it fully to make it a truly, snug, non-slip product. I love it. It feels strange if I do a short run with out it! Almost like driving a car without wearing your seat belt.”

AndrewD says:

“I bought this for a 10k run to save carrying drinks in my hand. The fit is great, adjustable shoulder and waist straps, you can also chose which side you want the mouth piece on. The pack itself held my running jacket, mobile phone, wallet, keys, gel snacks, fruit and some basic first aid – well worth the investment, I would consider buying again if I have to.CAMELBAK Octane XCT Hydration System” 

Final Thoughts on Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack

With a total capacity of 6.3 litres, Camelbak Octane hydration pack is definitely a must have for any outdoor lover. It is made to be durable and can be used in extreme situations and intense activities. To know more about Camelbak Octane hydration pack, please check it out on  Amazon.