Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe Four Man Tent Review

Since our family doesn’t have enough time for a summer across the country, we decided to have a series of outdoor travelling. For us, a year won’t be complete without exploring another place. My children have been so disciplined when it comes to saving so that they have their own money to spend. This year, we’re off to 3 different camp sites in California, after visiting my wife’s parents. But of course, we should first ensure we have everything needed – and we’re still in the process of finding a good tent.

I checked it in the garage and sad to say it has rips and tears around it. I immediately searched for a new one and my son found the Coleman Coastline 4 deluxe four man tent. It was the perfect tent for us and takes note, we’re a family of 5.

Product Features

Setting up and design scrutinizing

When talking about setting up, the Coleman Coastline 4 deluxe four man tent has a flysheet-first thumb rule. It comes with all slits and slots and loops needed for a comfortable sleep. I would want to command how you can customize the inside of this tent. If you want to have one big room inside, you can easily remove the room division. One large door opens to the spacious front porch area. To think, I was only after a simple tent but this item gave more than that.

This features a fully integrated built in PE groundsheet which provides a bug-free and dry camping. It’s also equipped with self-rolling windows, which means you don’t have to roll it up and down manually. Talk about simple but useful innovations. Vibrant guylines are also present, which makes it easier for use especially during night time. Pitching this product is also not a problem.

Everything in between

Although the Coleman Coastline 4 deluxe four man tent is only for four individuals, our family of 5 was able to fit in comfortably; probably because we have two children and not adults. Fiberglass is used for the pole material, giving you an assurance that this tent is well-designed, right from the materials. It comes with internal pockets where you can slip in your wallet and other important belongings, and it has a power cord vent for electric cables. Now isn’t that a gem or what?

The living area is at about 5.8 m², sleeping area at 5.9 m², pitching surface at 31 m² and astonishing headroom of 200 cm. The Coleman Coastline 4 deluxe four man tent already come with its own carry bag. Proudly, such product is proven fire resistant and designed with WaterTecPlus.

Where it can be improved

I’m not really sure about where this product could improve, as it looks pretty fine for me. Nonetheless, I can say it’s the fact that this product can be quite difficult to set up alone, particularly with the middle pole. When my family used this, I needed the help of my two son when I was already working with the middle pole.

Product Variations

Coleman Coastline Deluxe Six Man Tent
Coleman Coastline Deluxe Eight Man Tent
Coleman Coastline Plus Two Man Tent


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Overall Verdict

Pricing at around £150, I can definitely consider this Coleman product as something reasonably priced. Comparing it to other similar items, this is one of the most affordable yet it has all amazing features and high quality. My family and I have used it about 7 times already and so far, we never had any negative experience with this, aside from the mentioned building concerns.