Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter With Uv Guard Review

With so many options in the market, finding an excellent beach shelter can be a source of headache. I experienced this problem when I scouted shops online. Variations come in several factors such as sizes, colors, form, materials, and strength. But my attention was caught by Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter with UV Guard due to its Ultra Violet Guard claim.

I bought the item and used it immediately days after I received the delivery. I thought that it was a perfect accessory to protect myself while enjoying allure of the beach with my friends.

Features and Specifications

Main advantages

Setting up the tent was not cumbersome. It was loaded with several features for easy and safe installation.  It comes with four sand pockets which allow anchoring the tent in the sand neatly and defend its self from the winds. It could not be easily uprooted except intentionally. It also has fibreglass poles inserted in the brass eyelets thus, it was sitting on the sand strongly until I packed up.

Snoozing inside this Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter with UV Guard was not a problem.  The UV guard was designed to protect people against ultraviolet sunrays and prevent warping the polyester material due to excessive heat. You do not have to worry with skin problems and bringing the tent frequently when going to the beach.

Protection is a must

It has an aluminised PE groundsheet that avoids heat being trapped thus; your feet do not get burned.  Going to the beach leaves a problem when it comes to your belongings.  The zips in it are very favourable when you want to hide your personal items away from prying eyes while swimming or strolling. It gives even more confidence knowing that your properties are protected from sand and dry always. The zip in front permits privacy therefore you can easily changing clothes while in this tent.

It goes even further

It is quite spacious; the product manual listed it as good for two people. However, I found three friends lying lazily it when I came back from a swim. The floor area is 3.4 square meters and you can comfortably sleep in it. Quite an irony considering that when packed it only weighs 1.8 kilogram.

The headroom is also a plus factor as you can actually kneel down and not bump your head in the ceiling portion of the tent. Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter with UV Guard is also easy on the fingers when you carry it due to its tubular packing which is two feet long and sling it on your shoulders.

Where it can be improved

Although the product sounds perfect and all, I just want to note a minor concern. The material used is of great help to keep us from direct sunlight, but after many times of using this item, I can say I’m a bit disappointed that it can get too hot inside. Apparently, you would want the heat to lessen, but you also don’t want to bathe in your own sweat.

Product Variations

Coleman Event Shelter Sunwall
Coleman 2 Berth Beach Tent
Coleman Weekend 2 Person Tent


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 Final verdict

For a price of a little under £30, Coleman Sundome Beach Shelter with UV Guard is a wise spending; you are fully protected and confident that your belongings are safe; you don’t get burns, and it will last for several uses. Swimming and sleeping on the beach has never been comfortable with this product. I will definitely recommend it for everyone who loves sea and sand.