Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Mens Walking Trousers Review

A man’s closet is not complete without a line up of pants for different occasions such as casual walk, attending formal party, visiting a friend, and so on and so forth. It is even more incomplete if he does not own a pair for rugged and outdoor activities. A backpack may help accessorize and hide small gadgets and other personal items, however, sometimes it is quite a discomfort reaching for these and find inside the bag. I was this situation when I finally decided to buy an all in one long pair of pants. My online search led to discover this item; Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Mens Walking Trousers.



What’s in it?

There are plenty of reasons why a lot of men own this piece of clothing. These trousers are made of Solar Dry UP=40 polyester cotton for quick drying. It works like an absorbent cotton seeping your sweat and at the same it dries quickly thus, normal body temperature is maintained while doing outdoor activities or sweating out in the gym. Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Mens Walking Trousers is treated with Solar Shield Technology that helps protect from harmful excessive heat and sun rays.  Coated with Smart Dry solution, you are water protected as it doesn’t absorb rainfall; it will just slip down easily. It is treated with stain resistant finish thus, your will not suffer laundry problems when you wash it.

Touch comfort for men

Trust that the male population will not be considerate when they wear Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Mens Walking Trousers. Thus, it is embedded with several mechanisms to survive rough and tumble activities for men. It has 9 pockets of which five can be zipped up. It is a storage machine where you can insert in different pockets small items such as coins, mobile phones, maps, electronic gadgets, wallets, memo pads, survival kit, and other outdoor necessities. The belt loop is so flexible that you can insert, remove, and release the belt with little effort on your part.

All around wearability

It is specifically made to survive different weather conditions. This means you can deal with rain, hot weather, and even winter with lesser difficulties and no worries. Generally, it is water and stain resistant, quick dry fabric, and improved knee and seat area stitch. It gives you relaxed feeling when you sit down. Because it has wider leg areas, you will not feel constricted when you move around; it doesn’t cling tightly around your legs.

Where it can be improved

Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Mens Walking Trousers is indeed a reliable piece of clothing which you can wear and survive rough and tough situations. It is definitely more affordable when you compare it with similar items from other popular brands. However, I just a bit bothered with the belt clasps which look a bit flimsy. I honestly feel like they’re going to disintegrate anytime.  Other than this, I do not see other potential problems.

Product variations

Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Mens Zip Off Convertible Walking Trousers
Craghoppers Kiwi Convertible Trousers
Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Womens Walking Trousers




Final verdict

With a price range of £19.65 - £31.99, this item is quite affordable, and has efficiency remain at the highest level. You can never err with your judgement should you desire to buy one pair of Craghoppers Classic Kiwi Mens Walking Trousers. It helps you load so many things through its pockets, saves you from being wet, and keeps you dry always.  It is an excellent match if you want to remain unscathed when doing outdoor activities.