Gelert Solar Shower Review

Girl night outs are quite fun, but me and my gals took it on a different level. We recently had an outdoor trip at a nearby forestry area. This camping, hiking and trekking exploration is next to perfect – literally. Credits go to my brother who bragged about his amazing mountain trip with his circle of friends. But as mentioned, it was only next to perfect, not as perfect as I wished I was. One major problem we had – no showers. It’s a bit uncomfortable taking a bath on small water features like lakes and rivers especially when you’re not familiar with the place.

The moment we got home, I took the longest shower I had ever taken and I checked online for possible solutions – after all, we still have future plans of travelling. I found Gelert Solar Shower and thought it would be nifty.



Handy invention

Since I’m not that of a traveler, I’m not really familiar with all the gears and equipment that could exist, aside from what my bother owns. I was really amazed when I knew there is such thing as portable shower! And the fact that Gelert was able to create this with solar power system, now that’s simply awesome! This particular item claims it can carry up to 20 liters of water. Obviously, 20 liters is not enough for a girl to take a bath, but changes apply when you’re not at home. I took a quick back with my Gelert Solar Shower one trip about a month ago and I didn’t even consume all the 20 liters – how’s that for a girl! I can definitely say this is perfect for camping, safaris and for typical backpacking. The ease of usage is also at the highest level. Simply hang the bag and you’re up for a shower.

In-depth product features

This product basically comes with the shower or water bag that can carry 20 liters of water, an inbuilt shower head, a hanging cord so that the bag itself will be safe and protected from tears even if you hang it on rough tree branches, as well as a flow control adjustment. These 4 parts are all you’ll need to enjoy the great outdoors without getting stinky and smelly.

Furthermore, Gelert Solar Shower uses direct sunlight to heat the water; of course, you don’t want to bathe freezing cold water, which is often what you can find in most nature areas. I find it incredibly stunning that Gelert was able to find a way to heat the water and not simply give users the shower idea. I should also command the durability of the product. Gelert Solar Shower is one of those few items in the market that continues to awe you ever single time you use it.

Where it can be improved

On the flip-side, this item still has an imperfect aspect that I wish Gelert would attend to. I’m a bit worried of the tube’s connection to the bag. It is detachable, which simply means you can take it off if you’re not using the shower bag. That factor is likable, but it also increases the chances of the tube easily coming out while showering. I hope Gelert would do something with regards to the connection, perhaps make it stronger.

Product Variations

Gelert Brook Shower
Gelert 2L Bladder
Gelert Bath Towel


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Final Say

I know I’ve already said it but I will say it again, taking shower while in the middle of your outdoor trip is one extreme challenge, especially for ladies like me. Hence, a solar shower is one great gadget to bring wherever you travel. With Gelert Solar Shower pricing at £5-£7, this is highly considered a great bargain!