Karrimor Bodmin Iv Low Weathertite Walking Shoes Review

I was looking for comfy walking shoes for about a week already. I’m not that extravagant when it comes to personal belongings and I can settle with simple items. My last walking shoes gave up after serving me for about 2 years and although not necessary, I was hoping to find one that can live longer. I’m no traveler but I always find it fun and healthy to walk during late afternoons when dusk starts to fall.

Luckily, it was not that difficult to find a new pair – at least when you stick to your trusted brands. My wife suggested Karrimor as it has been her favorite brand ever, and after checking different stores and trying out different shoes, I began to understand why she trusted the brand. I ended up with Karrimor Bodmin IV Low Weathertite walking shoes, the type of pair that I feel will last me a lifetime.

Features and Specifications

It gets lighter and more comfortable

You read that right; these pair of shoes is highly recommended if we’ll talk about weight and comfort. I’m a bit sensitive to shoe weight since I easily get tired with heavy shoes. They’re also not very comfortable to wear as I get small-time bruises with them. As for Karrimor Bodmin IV Low Weathertite walking shoes, with a box weight of 299g, the heaviness is just right. It’s light enough to provide convenience and heavy enough to help you balance.

The materials used for this product is yet something I want to highlight. It appears like any other walking shoes, but there’s more to this Karrimor pair. This product is designed with Weathertite breathable and waterproof membrane. Yes, it is actually waterproof and it keeps your feet bone dry all day. It also comes with Phylon midsole for better cushioning system.

Design and more

Men also have a fair share of fashion sense and Karrimor Bodmin IV Low Weathertite walking shoes portrays it just right. The rustic design with lace-up fastening system is a great combination of style and durability. We all know the big difference between lace-up fastening and other fastening methods hence, that’s a plus for this Karrimor pair. The outer material is mixed with leather while the inner is manmade. I should also highlight the outsole that’s adding manly look to this pair. It is made from the trademark Karrimor Thornbill and equipped with 3D molded toe scuff. Now that’s a great way to protect your toes in case, you’re walking on a rough terrain.

Although Karrimor Bodmin IV Low Weathertite is intended for walking only, I have used it a couple of times on trekking. It was not that bad mainly because it’s made from high quality materials and the craftsmanship is simply impeccable. The mesh and suede upper construction makes a good finish for this pair.

Small factors count

Of course, I don’t want to compromise the small factors that make this product worth the buy. Its metal lace hoops are amazingly sturdy and the asymmetrical tongue literally protects your feet from getting wet. This product also comes with Achilles or heel notch and anatomical ankle padding – what more can you ask for?

Where it can be improved

There’s one thing missing though – it doesn’t have a waterproof lining. Although it doesn’t affect the durability, comfort and the waterproof ability of the shoes, I’m still worried when using this during rainy season.

Product Variations

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Final Say

At a retail price of £75 and with all the mentioned specs and quality, there’s no question why its loyal clients multiply. There are hundreds of walking shoes out there but for me, nothing can beat Karrimor Men’s Bodmin li Low Weathertite walking shoes.