Karrimor Urban Rucksack Review

Whether you’re a college freshman or a fresh graduate who wanted to explore this realm, the Karrimor Urban Rucksack is surely perfect for you. I was seeking for a versatile pack that can deal with my hunger for exploration and at the same time can be used in school and I never went wrong when I purchased this item. It has everything I need including the state of fashion. Of course, girls can never live without it. Get a clearer view on the handy, versatile Karrimor Urban Rucksack through this precise review.

Item Blueprint

Style and fashion statement

Yes and yes! Unlike other backpacks and daypacks, the Karrimor Urban Rucksack is extra fashionable. From the color to the built, this is the perfect resemblance of fashion and on-the-go. It comes with LED light attachment loop and reflective panels. Its air mesh padding makes carriage extra comfortable, no matter how heavy the bag is. It also has chest straps that keep the backpack tightly snug on you. The adjustable hip belt is also quite useful especially on major trekking. The Karrimor Urban Rucksack also comes with front panel bungee. Now that’s indeed a great deal!

Compartment zone

Since I’m planning to use this for both college days and summer getaways, the compartment area is very important. The main compartment is large enough that can carry up to 30 liters. It also has a secondary compartment that can fit laptops and folders. Because this is designed to be A4 compatible, you can guarantee that a good dose of folders, gadgets and other items can fit in here perfectly.

The Karrimor Urban Rucksack‘s secondary compartment comes with an internal organizer where you can place extra batteries, GPS or any other gadgets. There’s also a front zipped pocket that can nest your loose coins, map, or your scientific calculator, in case you’re using this in school as well.

Other specs

Of course, the straps can’t be erased when talking about features. This backpack has compression straps that avoid making it look bulky. It also comes with mesh wand pockets, key hooks and specified padded laptop compartment. Now that’s indeed an all-in-one backpack!

With a dimension of 50x33x16cm, no wonder why both girls and guys opt for this. Making minor adjustments on different angles is also not a problem since this item is flexible enough to adapt to the carrier’s body-shape and built.

Where it can be improved

On the other side, I’m just a bit concerned about the zippers. They do look sturdy but they don’t “feel” that sturdy at all. I think they would come off easily hence, the best way to steer away from zipper problems is to bring extra pins. At least you’ll have something to hold the bag temporarily. As much as possible, it’s also wise not to over-stuff the bag so that it won’t explode.

Product Variations

Karrimor Zodiak 25
Karrimor Indie 25
Karrimor Airspace 20

Final Verdict

On a general note, I still consider the Karrimor Urban Rucksack as worth the buy. It has the ideal features and specs and I simply love the way it’s built. It doesn’t have the rough looks but it can do the job of a rough-looking rucksack. Pricing at around £40 each, this is highly affordable compared to other rucksacks that performs similar tasks.

Not to mention it also has gender variations. Whether or not you’re a first-time traveler, and whether or not you will use this specifically for traveling purposes only, the Karrimor Urban Rucksack will surely meet your needs.