Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Waterproof Jacket Review

To be honest, I’m not comfortable with umbrellas. It is quite bulky even if it is foldable. With that, I always go for waterproof jackets. However, after buying quite a few of this I’m sad to say, it does not deserve the name. I still get wet. Some of the popular rain protection jackets might protect me from the outside but inside, I was fully drenched with my own perspiration. This was the reason why I accumulated several of these items over the years as the promise of staying dry during rainfall was not realized.

So, I tried again, searched online and discovered Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Waterproof Jacket. Fortunately, it rained hours after it was delivered to my apartment so I had the chance of testing the product. Well, it did keep me safe from being wet.

Features and Specifications

Dry feeling without the heat

Upon closer inspection, you will that this jacket is sewn with utmost perfection. It is so tight that you won’t feel rain seeping in to the inside of this protective gear. It is made of polyurethane plastic thus, it is 100 percent waterproof. It has an inner layer coat that absorbs sweat, moisture and water therefore, Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Waterproof Jacket keeps you dry when battling with rain or just sweating it out in the gym wearing it.

At less than 300 grams, it is so light that it won’t creature further stress around your muscles in the upper body. It comes with an accompanying sac to store the jacket when not in use.

More protection

This product works effectively since it has an adjustable hood at the back collar and elastic free wrist portion. Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Waterproof Jacket is easy to maneuver when you zip it up and down and inside or outside when you want to cover and protect during rainy season due to its reversed zip feature.

Indeed, the manufacturer did not focus on the sole title “waterproof jacket.” They also kept the Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Waterproof Jacket in general, useful and packed with everything that consumers might need.

Drying corner for small items

Apart from the comfort and durability of this jacket, it also comes with two zipped pockets for you to hide cell phones, kits, or small purses. An adjustable waistline cord around the waist is provided when you want more tight fitting wear condition with the jacket to keep it intact when you attack strong winds and rain.

Where it can be improved

After many times of using it and I even bought one for a dear friend, I still haven’t found any improvement point for Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Waterproof Jacket. The material, fabric, craftsmanship and all features in between – they all seem perfect for me.

But I just wish it’s a little bit more fit. I’m not into baggy jackets and it can be disturbing sometimes if I’m into travelling. I’m normally medium in size but the medium of this packet is a bit bigger.

Product Variations

Mac-in-a-Sac Unisex Jacket with Full Zip
Mac in a Sac Ladies Continental Waterproof Jacket
Childrens Mac in a Sac Classic 2 Packaway Waterproof Jacket

Final Verdict

Tagged between £20.00 – £30.00 only, this product can definitely be considered a must if you want to have emergency rain protection gear.  Whether that’s ordinary day use or intended for travelling outdoors, this waterproof jacket will surely meet your needs. It may not be the bet out there, but it gives your money’s worth and in my case, it exceeded my expectations.