Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Gtx Xcr Hiking Shoes Review

It’s a rough 2 years for me and my career as a real estate agent. After finishing a tough project, I was given the chance to have a longer vacation; this just means the leave I’ve been wanting finally got approved. Colleagues and I agreed to bring back the old days and explore the good outdoors. It’s been many years back in college since the last time we hiked and camped out and this is one exciting way to end my year.

Since our schedule was on winter, I knew I needed to purchase another pair of hiking shoes. My current pair is still fine but I don’t really trust it with cold weather. I spotted Merrell Moab Mid GTX XCR Hiking Shoes and by its appearance alone, I felt like it’s the one to buy.

Merrell Men's Moab Mid GTX XCR Hiking Shoe

Product Blueprint

Basic features

And I was right! It is the right one to purchase. Merrell Moab Mid GTX XCR Hiking Shoes is created with Dura leather upper which is accompanied with mesh material. It may sound crazy that I purchased shoes with mesh upper for winter hiking, but believe me; the coldness is only on the outside. Most rubber shoes keep the feet too warm that they sweat and the solution to this is an efficient mesh material. The Dura leather material makes it waterproof hence; no melting snow will affect your feet.

More than that, there’s also the bellows tongue that keeps all dirt and debris out. Its synthetic leather toe cap already saved my toes from being crushed many times since I bought it. I can’t count the instances when I went home with an injured toe, and with Merrell Moab Mid GTX XCR Hiking Shoes, that’s not gonna happen again.

Comfort and fit

The heel counter is just one small aspect of the shoes, but it has a big impact on the efficiency. This Merrell pair comes with the best heel counter I’ve ever seen. It’s also built with molded nylon arch shank hence, no need to worry about bruises and sores especially on the arch area of your feet. The 5mm sole lug depth is yet another aspect to highlight. Again, this is just a small thing but the fact that it helps keep you stable through rough terrains, now that’s one small-but-terrible feature.

Shoe technology

Apart from that, Merrell Moab Mid GTX XCR Hiking Shoes also has the trademark Merrell Air Cushion in the heel. This assists on the absorption of the shock. it also adds balance and stability – perfect pair for the GORE TEX Performance Comfort Footwear lining that focuses on the tension aspect. These shoes, the inner mesh lining specifically, are treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution. This helps in maintaining the good smell of your feet; no need to put foot powder every now and then.

An EVA foot frame completes the cushion system of Merrell Moab Mid GTX XCR Hiking Shoes with its compression molded built. Such product also comes with Vibram multi-sport sole and TC5+ rubber. Finally, it features an Ortholite anatomical foot bed which gives you that light and comfy feel.

Where it can be improved

Just when you thought everything is perfect, here comes the improvement point. Personally speaking, I don’t consider this a big issue but it’s wise to let you guys know that Merrell seems to have a problem with adhesives. Although this product works well as waterproof footwear, it still has no match with the hard rain. I needed to get professional shoe repairmen to attend to the adhesive problem to ensure there’s no way water can sip in.

Product Variations

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Final Say

Pricing at £80-£120, you can give yourself that “not bad” impression with these shoes. Who would even think that such features can be used in one pair of footwear? I can never ask for more and although this Merrell pair is not perfect, so does other shoes out there. What’s great with this is that it meets everything it promised to the consumers.