The North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel Bag Review

For the past 2 years of travelling, I’ve been accustomed on using rucksacks and backpacks. I rarely use messenger bags, unless I need an extra sack for my pertinent belongings. But since my hobby of exploring different places is about to get to the next level, I knew I needed another bag that will suit me perfectly. Add to that the fact that my brother and I wanted to visit a far-flung, picturesque area, I considered it as an advantage to test a new bag I’ll be purchasing.

It was just a short search and short checking at the mall when I spotted The North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel bag. No rucksacks and backpacks for me this time, I was seriously considering this duffel bag the moment I saw it.


More than the rough appearance

It appeared rough and rugged, which is perfect for me. But more than that, it also acquires unique useful points that made me decide to purchase the item. The North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel bag is mainly designed with Alpine-cut shoulder straps. These are very comfortable and after using it for a really long walk; I still didn’t feel any shoulder and back pain that often rises with other bags. Its construction is further equipped with double stitching and bartacks, making it extra durable and sturdy. Whether that’s a city-to-city travel or perhaps an exploration in the forests, this item will definitely sustain your activities.

The four compression straps keep the entire bag compact and well-rounded. It also comes with twin haul handles on ends which are of great help especially when you’re in a hurry and you just want to pick the bag and go.

Useful inside and out

Taking a peek inside, you will spot one big main compartment which can accommodate a weight of up to 90 liters. With strategically folding of clothes, you might even fit a little more than 90 liters. The North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel bag is also designed with internal mesh pocket which is attached on the inside of the lid. The locking zippers are something I consider a highlight of this product. That’s a coat or protection there for your belongings. The D-zip with zip flap alongside the impeccable dimensions of 65x40x40cm and weight of 500g – particularly for the large one – there’s no question why this product is a hit in the market.

Where it can be improved

With regards to the improvement point, which every single product has, I would give it to the pockets. I just wish The North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel bag comes with outside pockets, so that I can easily slip in loose coins or a small piece of map or address on a tissue paper. Other than that, this product’s a blast.

Product Variations

The North Face Base Camp Bag
The North Face Rolling Thunder Travel bag
The North Face Base Camp Travel Canister

Overall Review

At an average price of £85-£100 for the large size, The North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel bag is worth the investment. Its durability and compact system makes it a handy bag every traveler should have. I’ve been using my personal The North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel bag for more than 6 months now and I can say it’s ideal for individuals on the go, just like me.