The North Face Men’s Resolve Outdoor Jacket Review

It took me about 2 years to save up for my Sierra Nevada trip with a couple of friends. It was so timely that the trip was scheduled shortly after our college graduation. However, I was a bit concern when it comes to purchasing all essentials. My gears were complete but I don’t think my current outdoor jacket can sustain the alpine environment in the place. I ended up with the decision to purchase a new one.

After scouting the malls and visiting various travelling sites, I landed with The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket. Due to the unveiling reviews online, I decided to hit the nearest mall and get mine immediately! And now, it is something I can brag with my travel buddies.


Warm but not sweaty

Okay, this is the first and major thing I want to command about the product. I have used many outdoor jackets already, intended for cold weather, but there are instances when they get to warm me too much that I end up sweating. With The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket, its breathable material and the design than enables air inside is something worth treasuring. It comes with seams that are durable and well-sealed, making it efficient no matter how active you are. The combination of inbuilt membrane and nylon makes The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket worth the buy.

Minimal features with big uses

Aside from the comfort level, I also want to mention that such product comes with a long list of other features making it extra useful. On top would be the 2 zippered pockets. If you’re travelling outdoors and gloves make things difficult for your hands, removing them and using the pockets from this jacket is a great solution. It comes with adjustable cuff for more comfort and a storable hood. Furthermore, the brushed collar lining is also of great help in keeping yourself extra warm whilst allowing minimal air in. A mesh mining is present to ensure the product is durable. I also love how the front zip and Velcro are made – craftsmanship at the highest level.


An outdoor jacket won’t be an outdoor jacket if it’s not waterproof – at least, for me. The North Face Resolve Outdoor Jacket is equipped with the HyVent technology. This feature is a fusion of waterproof and breathable features making the product one of the most sought out jackets. It mainly utilizes a construction of 3 layers of materials to help maintain the comfort and likable warmth level despite the extreme cold weather.

Where it can be improved

Just a little advice dear readers, if you want to ensure the hood will be strong enough when rain and wind comes, be sure to adjust it prior to wearing the product. I experienced minimal difficulties with this when I tried to make hood adjustment during the rain. This is mainly because it sits naturally inside and getting it off your head means getting wet as well.

Product Variations

The North Face Venture Jacket
The North Face Evolution Triclimate Jacket
The North Face Onsight Optimus Jacket

Overall Review

At a market price of £60-£90, I can say this product is worth the buy. Again, The North Face was able to bring to the market an efficient, durable and worth the investment product like the Men’s Resolve Outdoor Jacket.Whether you’re up for adventures or you need something to use on a daily basis during cold weather, this product is something you should check.