Osprey Aether 60 70 & 85 Litre Backpack Review

Travelling to a nearby country made me thought that a typical backpack will do. I mean, what’s wrong with not choosing the RIGHT backpack anyway? After all, I won’t be as far as across the globe. Well, I was wrong. Every detail in your travel rucksack matters more than anything in the world when it comes to travelling, regardless of the distance. That’s when I realized I should really go shopping for a flexible and reliable backpack when I get home.

And that shopping day arrived. I ended up choosing Osprey Aether because its specs and features are really the best! Something that made me talks to it and say “oh, you’re the one buddy!


Features To Fall in Love With

Fabric and pockets

A sturdy yet flexible fabric is something that travelling backpacks should have. Some bags out there may be made with strong fabric but at the same time, they’re also too stiff for you to be comfortable. You should find the balance between these two and write that brand on top of your list; or you can simply write Osprey Aether. This backpack is made from a combination of 210D nylon dobby, 210D nylon shadow box, 500D plain weave nylon oxford, and 75D nylon stretch woven ripstop. Its main difference from other nylon backpacks out there is the fact that it’s made from a combination of flexible material all from the same, sturdy family. That’s what made Osprey Aether a star when it comes to durability.

It also has two StraightJaket style straps in front. These horizontal straps work as compression bands to keep your bag from looking bulky and deformed. It also includes a J-zip on the front panel with double zippered pocket for easy access on essentials like wallet and gadgets.

More compartments

One reason why the Osprey Aether is a best seller is because of how its compartments were made. Technically you can just stitch a bag with a main compartment and a couple of pockets on the side. But this travelling buddy of mine crossed the line. It has a wide mouth, strongly zippered sleeping compartment at the very bottom with matching sleeping pad straps. It also has a front pocket made of mesh that allows you to slip in a couple more items like your raincoat or perhaps a map. Just like any Osprey bags, the Osprey Aether also has the top, floating pocket that can be converted into a hip bag. Most of its compartments and pockets have their own adjustable, compression straps to ensure the bag still looks great no matter how stuffed it is inside.

Extra features you might not notice

Just in case you didn’t notice, this bag has an AirScape back panel for added. It has molded ridge foam with a smooth spacer made with mesh lumbar fabric. This is supported by the LightWire suspension system in a peripheral frame that is flexible enough to fit all body types. Include to the list its external hydration compartment that is specially made to prevent spillage.

One tiny concern

If you’re water person like me that you might also consider this factor a drawback. Sadly, the Osprey Aether comes with small water pockets on the side. If you think you’ll need more water then it’s wise to look for other means and ways like bringing a smaller bag.


Osprey Aether 60
Osprey Aether 70
Osprey Aether 85

Osprey Kestrel 58
Osprey Exos 58

What Others Can Say

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Wrapping It Up

Yes, yes, and a big yes! It’s not a mistake when I opted for Osprey Aether and I really recommend it. Whether that’s a short trip or months of vacay; whether that’s on a nearby town of half across the globe, this backpack will surely keep up with all your needs. At about $250 – $300 this can truly serve as your travelling pack buddy.