Osprey Atmos 35 50 65 Backpack Review

For first-time travelers, thinking about what backpack you’ll use may sound useless. Obviously you can just use any bag lying around. This was also my main idea when my trip to Singapore was finalized. I borrowed two ordinary, medium-sized bags from my brother (what do you expect from a girl like me? I’m into handbags, baby!), but after that 1-week trip, I really told myself I will find a proper travelling bag. You have no idea how bothersome it is if you won’t use proper equipment.

Osprey Atmos was honestly not my first choice when shopping, but I ended up purchasing it. I’ve used it twice already and got very impressed on how it magically turned my always-cluttered carryall into an organized and spacious one.

Ospey Armos 50 65 & 70 Backpack Review


AirSpeed suspension

This is the main reason why at the end of the day, I chose Osprey Atmos. The suspension system is one crucial part of rucksacks and this brand really gave importance to that. Its AirSpeed suspension is made with the right cuts and folds that make it perfect for all body types. It separates the weight of the bag so no matter how heavy it is, you’ll surely feel comfortable.

It also allows you to adjust the torso length, hipbelt fit, as well as the attached harnesses. And since you can change the harness, that also means you can use another set of spacer mesh, pad foams and cushioning, and of course, another design that will match your attire.

Factors that make it unique and likable

I may not be a full-time traveler, but I do have a share of annoying experience with backpacks that give-in due to excess weight. Aside from the size variety of Osprey Atmos, it is also mostly made of Cordura, a material that is amazingly light but can carry loads of weight without causing that “creeeek” sound, which makes you worry in a snap.

It also acquires removable sleeping pad straps for your choice of comfort and another removable pocket which is positioned at the top. This is a great feature especially if you want to keep pertinent belongings closer to you.

Straps also acquire stows where you can slip in almost anything – an ideal feature for hikers and trekkers out there. The compression straps of this commodious knapsack allow you to keep everything tight and secure inside and maintain a neat appearance outside.

Add-ons you’ll surely love

Aside from the bag itself, Osprey Atmos also offers a variety of add-ons that to choose from. The UL Raincover featured along with all Osprey Atmos bags will keep your rucksack protected from the rain or snow. It comes in a variety of sizes hence, choosing the one that will fit your Atoms bag won’t be a problem. There’s also the Stow-and-the-Go odds and ends pocket. Attach this to the bag and you can have quick access to all pertinent items like keys, passports, and money. A perfect substitute in case you don’t want to remove the top pocket.

Whether or not you’re a techie person, the DigiStows will surely come in handy. Just like the bag itself, this small buddy is made with strong material that will protect all your gadgets. It can be attached anywhere in the back with a Velcro strap and it allows you to access binoculars, cameras, and GPS units easily.

The HOWEVER part

Although this product seems to be all perfect, there’s just one little concern – and it has something to do with the zippers. Unfortunately, the size of the bag and its strong material doesn’t match the zippers that can easily give out. This is when you should consider the company’s All Mighty Guarantee in case your bag needs fixing or replacement.

Other Variations

Osprey Atmos 35
Osprey Atmos 50
Osprey Atmos 65

Osprey Ariel 65
Osprey Aether 70

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Ospey-Armos-50-65-&-70-Backpack-Review---5-star-review Ospey-Armos-50-65-&-70-Backpack-Review---4-star-review

Final Verdict

Osprey Atmos is indeed something worth the buy. For dedicated travelers, hikers, mountain climbers, or for people like me who simply want to check different places seldom – this is the most flexible and versatile item you can find. Pricing at around $150-$200, there’s no reason for you to hesitate.