Osprey Aura 50 & 65 Pack for Backpacking Review

Indeed, nothing can still beat the fun and excitement of outdoor adventure. Aside from making a checklist of the essential items to bring (yes, you need a list because there are LOTS of essentials to keep in mind) you should also come up of the best way to bring everything without tiring yourself with heavy bags. Sunscreen, water, food, maps and compass, sunscreen, bug spray – these are only few of the major requirements and they don’t really eat up much space; but if you’ll add the clothes, first-aid kit, walking poles, extra pair of trail shoes, now where will you stuff all these? Osprey Aura is the answer to that.

This rucksack is something every gal should check, technically because it is designed for ladies. Most of men’s traveling packs have a rough, edgy look and fashionable women won’t really appreciate that.




Aaahh… hip belts; a common and typical part of every traveling bag. This feature is expected to be strong and sturdy. However, some backpack companies forget that the person using the bag should still be able to breathe, despite the heavy weight behind her. The Fit-On-The-Fly feature of all Osprey Aura bags will provide you that breathability aspect. This no-ordinary hipbelt has a dual density foam feature does not only allow you to breathe but also has an improved support on the bag’s overall weight.

For the tools

Osprey Aura bags also have tool loops for you to attach mountaineering gears. Highlighted are its bungee tool tieoffs and dual ice tool loops that secure all gears on the outside so that you’ll still have enough space inside the bag. Just like the zippers of the bag, which can strongly hold everything in it, these loops and tieoffs also do the same. Now that’s perfect for every girl who’s always up for intense adventures.

Get hydrated

If you haven’t been in any traveling adventure yet, you may think “sure, I can bring liters and liters of water” or “it’s the great outdoors, I’ll be splashing on a crystal clear river sooner than I think.” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. It’s best to look for backpacks with effective hydration system to keep you hydrated and moving throughout your exploration. And you’ve guessed it; Osprey Aura has the best hydration system fit for every traveler. All versions of Osprey Aura come with tube exit ports and are hydration compatible. Now you don’t have to stop and dig in your bag for that bottled water.

Getting some sleep

Are you up for camping? This bag is still on the right track. It also features a sleeping compartment at the bottom part to leave your clothes and other items in the main pocket undisturbed. Not only is this compartment spacious but it’s also sturdy enough to hold even the thickest comforter you got. But of course, you should still consider the weight capacity of the bag. This perfectly matches the removable, floating top pocket that you can use as pillow (just fill it with a couple of clothes) just in case you forgot to bring one.

Something to pay attention to

If you’re as meticulous as me, you might want to pay extra attention to the shape and cut of the bag. Although most ladies love this, you might be on the opposite side if you have broad shoulders and an hourglass-shape body. Unfortunately, the cut is just not perfect enough for this body shape and you may experience slight discomfort when wearing this for a long time.

Other Variations

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User Reviews

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Bottom Line

And that’s a wrap, dear readers. We’ve just finished another review of one of the best traveling rucksacks in town and as for my experience with this, alongside the comments of others; I can say that Osprey Aura is worth the buy. Every item in the market has its own share of flaws but with all the key features of Osprey Aura, and a highly affordable price of $198 – $240, every lady will definitely fall in love with it.