Regatta Action Trousers Review

Finding a good pair of trousers is easy; finding a good pair of outdoor trousers for an extra-active person like me is a different story. It’s not that I’m boring or something, I just want to buy an item that I can use in many different ways. I was hoping I can find a pair of trousers that I can use for work and for my outdoor activities.

Since winter season is fast-approaching and Christmas means many, scrumptious meals, my officemates and I thought it would be a bright idea to lose a few pounds. One common thing between us is that we wanted to balance health and spoiling ourselves. Now back to the trousers, as I was experiencing difficulties in finding the perfect pair. A week before the beginning of our level-2 workout, I spotted Regatta Action Trousers online. I received it 2 days before the workout day and I’m glad I took the risk of buying online!



Layout and product built

The moment I tried Regatta Action Trousers on, I knew it would last me a lifetime. It just felt really strong and I didn’t even read its description online. I was really desperate and frustrated to get a pair of trousers immediately and I’m glad I ended up with this pair. After going back to the website, I discovered it is made of a combination of polyester and cotton – no wonder why it felt so strong yet so comfortable. The stiff feeling you get on most outdoor trousers is not present on this product. Such item is built with part-elasticized waist that are of great help in making it fit better.

More to that, I think it’s also worth sharing the factors that make Regatta Action Trousers an efficient water repellent item. Generally speaking, many water repellent trousers work perfect at first but when the rain gets harder, water starts to sip in and you will end up getting damp. With this pair, t’is made with a unique water repellent finish that makes it work efficiently whether or not the rain is strong. It also keeps you warm on winter days. I also want to command the sturdy belt loops and the knee pads that often come handy for active individuals like me.

All the pockets in the world

Since it is called “action trousers” you can expect that there’s a lot going on with it. Indeed, there is. Regatta Action Trousers is equipped with essential pockets and even extra nooks for your personal items. First off, it has 2 large pockets in front with hem bellows for an added layer of strength. It also features a zipped pocket on the right where you can keep pertinent items that might fell off on non-zipped slots. The back pockets are combination of zipped and non-zipped. Both also come with welt covering for durability and efficiency.

After using it a couple of times, I can say the Regatta Action Trousers is a great alternative to bringing a small bag. If you don’t have too much to stuff in and if you’re up for a busy adventure, a pair of trousers that can carry all your items and at the same time, fit perfectly on you is a great help.

Array of choices

I should also command the wide array of choices of Regatta Action Trousers when it comes to color and size. Apparently, men also have their fair share of fashion sense. This product is available in black, gray, navy, lichen and green. With regards to size, you have three choices – long, regular and short and these three have their distinct set of measurements. Now that makes this product perfect for hiking – you have the prerogative to choose the ideal size without relying on the traditional sizes.

Where it can be improved

On the flip-side, I also want to share a tiny concern I faced when I got my own pair of Regatta Action Trousers. I was a bit fretful with some parts of the hem which has loose threads. It needs to be re-sewn and it caused me extra time to do that. But after sewing and fixing the thread problem, the pants look and feel perfect.

Product Variations

Regatta Lined Crossfell Trousers
Regatta Crossfell Trousers
Regatta Geo Extol Trousers


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Final Say

Wrapping this content up, I can say paying around £20 for a pair of water repellent, durable and fashionable trousers is not a bad deal at all. It even works as a small, handy bag for me with all the pockets. And what’s great is that it doesn’t fall off and doesn’t feel heavy. Whether for work or for outdoor activities or even for other typical uses, the Regatta Action Trousers are indeed ideal for every man out there.