Remington Mini Hair Straightener Review

Many girls love travelling, and one thing is for sure, they never leave their “vanity” at home when going somewhere else. This is why many home grooming and beauty devices have a “travel” version, usually smaller and handier. But not all of these products can cope up with the usefulness and durability of its home version.  Nevertheless, there are some brands and products that are as good as their home version. One of those would be Remington Mini Hair Straightener.

Remington S2880ZBA Mini Ceramic and Teflon Coated Hair Straightener

Features of Remington Mini Hair Straightener:

  • Ceramic, Teflon and Tourmaline coating for even heat
  • Fast heating up of up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Micro-size for easy carrying for men and women
  • Extra short 15 cm plates included to suit short, choppy styles
  • Includes heat-proof pouch and three year guarantee

Remington Products

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Since the Remington Mini Hair Straightener features a ceramic heating amterial, you are sure of the quality of straightening that it will do to your hair. Ceramic is today’s most embraced material for hair straighteners because of its ability to distribute heat well to give people straighter hair with just a few glides. This straightener also features Teflon fibre which helps prevent damage to the hair. It acts as a shield that avoids heat to directly touch your hair It’s non stick properties makes all of the damage prevention possible. Remington mini straightener can also heat up up to 200 degrees Celsius quite quickly so you can straighten up your hair fast and enjoy that straight hair longer.

Final thoughts on Remington Mini Hair Straightener:

So of all travel hair straighteners, Remington’s is one of my top picks as far as my suggestion list goes. It is micro sized to make sure that you can enjoy straight hair without the hassle of carrying bulky devices. It just measures approximately like how a normal pair of sunglasses would measure. So go check it out and have no bad hair day wherever you are and wherever you go. Here is its Amazon link  you might find useful.