Silk Sleeping Bag Liner Review

There is nothing worse than getting to your guest house or hostel and seeing some rather dubious bed sheets. If you’ve ever had bed bugs you’ll want to avoid this situation at all costs. A silk sleeping bag liner is a great remedy for this for several reasons.

Sleeping Bag Silk Liner - Light Blue

Why Buy a Silk Sleeping Bag Liner?

For a start you’ll always be sleeping in something that is yours. You can wash them easily while abroad, it weighs nothing and compact enough to put in a backpack. The main reason I would recommend one is that by sleeping in a silk sleeping bag liner you can avoid being bitten by mosquitoes or bugs. They are comfortable to sleep in when it’s hot as they are breathable. For this reason I would also recommend a silk sleeping bag liner as opposed to a cotton one as this will be too warm.

Sleeping Bag Liner Brands

There are a few brands out there like Sea to Summit that do a premium silk sleeping bag liner.

Sleeping Bag Liner Types

There are two types of sleeping bag liner; Mummy and Rectangle. A mummy will be smaller in size when rolled up and is a snug fit to sleep in. Personally I like to opt for the rectangle sleeping bag liner design as it gives you more leg room and for someone who moves around a lot I prefer it! Just note that if you’re also going to be using a sleeping bag liner in conjunction with a sleeping bag then you need to match the liner with the sleeping bag. A rectangle liner in a mummy sleeping bag will have you getting your feet tangled up. A rectangle silk sleeping bag liner on its own for a warm climate is what we would recommend.

Cheap Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

I would exercise some caution over buying cheap sleeping bag liners from EBay. I’ve experienced cheap silk sleeping bag liners that have bad stitching and can fall apart. Even worse there are cheap silk liners where the dye can run when they become damp. Save ruining your clothes and invest in a decent sleeping bag liner.

Silk Sleeping Bag Liners are highly recommended by Gap Year Escape.

Silk Sleeping Bag Liner Review
Silk Sleeping Bag Liners are highly recommended by Gap Year Escape.
Written by: Amar Hussain
Silk Sleeping Bag Liner
Date published: 27/02/2012
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