Vango 12 Led Rechargeable Camping Lantern Review

Travelling alone or with colleagues, we can live with handy flashlights. However, travelling with kids is a whole new story. I want them to appreciate the great outdoors even at night hence; I searched for a handy lantern that will last us for years. I found the Vango 12 LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern and honestly, I was not convinced at first. I mean a remote controlled, sturdy looking lantern at £18 – seriously? But according to a good friend, Vango is one reliable band so I ended up purchasing the item. After using the lantern for about 8 times already, I can never be proud of myself for going with the smallest dot of gut feel.


Power of light

The Vango 12 LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern features 12 LED lights that provide about 40 lumens. Since this is LED, there’s an assurance that its safe and it will last long. It can work for up to 20 hours once you fully charged it. Now that’s an ideal companion for all types of outdoor trips. And take note, it takes only 10 hours to get this thing fully charged. A great deal indeed when compared to other similar products.

Apparently, all lanterns turn hot when used for consecutive hours, and this Vango lantern also does the same. But what I love about this is its fairly safe for children. It’s not that burning hot and my son even loves to keep his hands near it when it’s very cold outside. Childish – yes, but that’s another coat of comfort from this product.

Built and everything in between

I would love to command how this item is sized. For its dimensions of 11x11x23cm, you won’t imagine it can be so strong and so vibrant. The stainless steel cover protects the whole thing and it’s also a material quite easy to clean. The foldable handle keeps the versatility of the Vango 12 LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern. There are some lanterns out there which have permanent standing handles, which can get a bit annoying. This also comes with a built in hook for easy hanging, a great partner of camping tents with pre-made lantern holes.

The product comes with an infrared remote control that runs in a rechargeable battery. In the long run, you’ll save a good amount just by being spared on purchasing new batteries. There’s also a built in 4V 2Ah sealed acid battery. A 12V car adaptor and UK plug is also included in every purchase. It’s indeed a great deal.

Where it can be improved

Of course, every product has its own share of improvement points. For Vango 12 LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern, I would say the loss of instructions would be the drawback. Unfortunately, this item doesn’t come with instructions for charging, manipulating using the remote, and everything else. After you purchased it, I advice you visit the internet for a couple of tutorials. Anyway it’s not that difficult to find your way.

Product Variation

Vango Camping Lantern 4C
Vango 24 LED Recharge Lantern with Remote
Vango 160 LED Light Wand Rechargeable


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Final Verdict

A big yes for this one! I was doubtful and I was disappointed with the instructions, but with all the positive aspects, I can say this product passed every qualification I had. With a retail price of £15-£18, who would say no? My children are very comfortable using this and I don’t worry about anything since I know it’s one safe lantern. My wife also loves the product, making it a perfect family item.