Vango Adventure Self Inflating Mat Review

Camping out alone is a great way for me to distress. Some may consider coffee, or window shopping, or eating, but I’m on a different path. Few months ago I went to River Crouch at Wallasea Island. It was the best place in the world and I’m planning to take my second trip to the place few weeks from now. Before I get too excited, I should first purchase a sleeping mat as the current one I have is already starting to show signs of aging. It was a long search when I finally bumped onto Vango Adventure self inflating mat.

Product Features

Size and dimensions

It looks small at first, but when I tried it out at home, the size was just fine. I personally purchased the Deluxe XL at 7.5 cm. I find it ideal for the size of my tent and its pack size look sleek as well. The dimensions are at 198x63x7.5 cm specifically, and a pack size of 76×24.5cm. I love the fact that it is offered in an array of sizes. Aside from the deluxe XL, here’s a list of diversified sizes:

Adventure short – 122x51x3 cm
Adventure standard – 18x51x3 cm
Adventure deluxe Standard – 183x51x5 cm
Adventure XL – 198x63x3 cm
Adventure deluxe XL – 198x63x5 cm
Adventure double – 183x128x3 cm
Adventure deluxe double – 183x128x5 cm
Adventure deluxe XC – 198x76x7.5 cm
Adventure deluxe double – 183x128x7.5 cm

Materials and extras

The Vango Adventure self inflating mat is equipped with the best materials you could ever find. For their Adventure sleeping mats, 75 denier non-slip polyester/pvc is used for both the top and the base. In case you’re not familiar, just expect a cozy feeling. Inflating this doesn’t call for any effort. As what its name says, this is a self inflating mat and literally, it inflates itself really fast. The product also comes with a built-in pillow, which of course, is included in the self inflating aspect. This uses a laminated, open-cell foam for insulation, which helps give you a more comfortable feel.

The product also comes with a repair kit and a stuff sac, call it a bargain! Because it’s from Vango, the Adventure self inflating mat is made not only by the highest quality materials but also made with assurance on item life span. The design is sleek and knowing that Vango sleeping bags are inspired by the Duke of Edinburgh, there’s no doubt that all their other products including this one is also well-built.

Where it can be improved

I guess the improvement point can enter on the deflating part. Apparently, it inflates by itself, quickly – no effort on you. However, deflating it calls for energy and effort. It can be a challenge because the material used is focused on easy inflating. Nonetheless, you will surely get used to it and in no time, you can also deflate this at a faster pace. Apart from that, I don’t have any other negative concerns on this.

Product Variations

Vango Comfort
Vango Ultralite Sleeping Mat
Vango Trek


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Overall Verdict

At a retail price of £45 for my Deluxe XL size, this product is already very affordable. The rate is reasonable and compared to other similar items, Vango is way better! I can’t complain on anything about this and it’s equipped with the best materials. If you’re wishing for a comfortable sleep outdoors, there’s nothing else to purchase but the Vango Adventure self inflating mat.