Vango Alpha 250 Tent Review

I started a new healthy hobby about 3 years ago – cycling. But after a couple of months of doing it alone (sometimes with some friends) around the neighborhood, I thought it would be a great idea to take my bike somewhere, where I really test my skills and my bike, of course. I had a few friends along with me and aside from reliable bicycles; we knew we needed a great tent – for defense purposes. I was looking for a handy tent that is not big enough to carry but spacious when opened out. A friend suggested looking for a Vango brand and I found this Vango Alpha 250 Tent. It was really great and we’re been using it for about a year and a half already!

Product Features

Inside specs – material and all

The first thing that caught my attention is the fact that this tent is made from 70D polyester fabric. That only means it is sturdy enough to be placed on rough grounds. The groundsheet is quite durable as well with its hardwearing, waterproof material of up to 10,000mm. The inner material of this tent is made from a breathable type of polyester, making it cool and cozy inside while it’s extra strong and sturdy outside.

It is designed with a dome-like appearance with a sizable porch where my friends and I often stay while waiting for light rain to stop. The groundsheet on the porch is made with another type of specially-designed material that’s ideal for storing rucksacks and outdoor footwear. It’s quite easy to clean hence; muddy shoes are not a problem. The inside, on the other hand, is equipped with a Gothic arch pole that helps increase the height and width of the tent. The entryway is amazingly spacious and can even fight the strong winds.

More on the structure

Although this is just a 2-person tent, my friends and I which equals to 4 people managed to fit in, although one has to stay on the porch area to watch over our shoes and other belongings. Aside from the fact that the Vango Alpha 250 Tent is made from fire retardant material, it is also equipped with more than what’s essential. The inner door is partly made from mesh for natural air to freely come in. It also has reflective webbing that picks up the torchlight and a lantern loop where we can hang our classic Vango lantern. Now that’s something awesome, I can say!

This Vango product is also designed with crystal clear PVC windows that allow maximum visibility and more light. Pockets are installed inside the tent where we conveniently keep our pertinent belongings. The Vango Alpha 250 Tent also comes with orange guylines, making it easier to see even with less light.

Where it can be improved

Although the item sounds really great, I want to advice consumers like you to test and check the gap between the inner tent and the flysheet. Sometimes, the water may come through this gap if you don’t install the whole thing carefully because the gap itself is a bit smallish. Make sure the flysheet won’t touch he inner tent.

Product Variations

Vango Alpha 300
Vango Alpha 400

Vango Jazz
Vango Ark
Vango Atlas

Final Say

Overall, I can say that the Vango Alpha 250 Tent is worth the investment. With the retail price of £70-£85, who can say this is not worth it? My friends and I have been using it countless times already and I have even used it alone. I can highly consider this as an all-in-one tent and more! It has everything I need and it’s quite sturdy as well!