Vango Odyssey 400 Four Man Tent Review

Aside from visiting grandma, I wanted my kids to experience the fun and thrill that their dad and I have been experiencing for years already. Camping has always been our bonding moment and now that our twins are of right age, we decided that it’s just about time they see what their mom and dad have been up to when they’re having vacation at grandma. It was last year’s Easter time when we first had a trip at Kinlochleven. Prior to that, I’ve been scouting for a bigger tent that we could use. A friend suggested the Vango Odyssey 400 and we’re all glad I purchased it.

Product Features

Convenience on every angle

Of course, convenience is on top of my list. When checking this item at the mall, I was not really convinced and maybe it’s because the tent looks ordinary. But still, I opted for it and I was able to prove that Vango is the brand to choose when purchasing tent of all kind. With its unique pitch tunnel design, my husband and I can rest and have wine inside while watching the kids play. It is sizable enough that we can fit our folding table, two folding chairs and still have enough room around. The overall “flysheet first” structure is indeed, perfect for us.

The Vango Odyssey 400 is equipped with Vango Airzone Ventilation, making it cozy and comfy inside. It is made with Protex 3,000HH polyester embossed 70D and polyethylene 10,000HH for the groundsheet. Now that’s a hefty convenience and comfort collision!

Attachments and more

This item comes with a detachable inner divider which comes very useful if you’re camping with friends. Maintaining the “girl’s room and boy’s room” tradition has never been that easy with tents. I also love the fact that this comes with large windows and window curtains! Attached are pelmets with pockets and guylines. Of course, it comes with guyholders as well. The reflective webbing adds up to the advantages of the Vango Odyssey 400 and the full mesh side door is something I should really command. Unless you want to simply dump the whole thing in the car, it’s handled carry bag is also useful.

Extra info

When talking about sturdiness, nothing can beat this tent! It takes only 10 minutes to pitch this thing, thanks to the color coded poles. Now that’s handy for first-time campers. It’s also full wind and rain tested, which means it can definitely sustain strong rain and wind. And I will leave the TBS II – Tension Band System for you to explore.

Where it can be improved

On the other side of the coin, I would highly suggest that you do immediate checking when this item arrives. Whether you bought it at the mall or online, it’s wise to do thorough checking at home. I was worried about the stitching on some parts of my own Vango Odyssey 400 and had it replaced. Apart from that, everything in this travelling equipment is perfect and my whole family loves it.

Product Variations

Vango Odyssey 500

Vango Icarus 400
Vango Calisto 500
Vango Woburn



Overall Verdict

As for the final words, I can say this is worth the investment. A sizable tent with extra high level of comfort at a price of £150-£200 is not a bad idea. I don’t really write reviews but for this item, it’s worth praising! I would also want to stress out that my kids were very comfortable that getting up is slightly difficult. If they didn’t see the wonderful nature outside, they’d probably sleep in this tent the whole day!