Vango Trek Self-inflating Mat Review

A couple of months ago, a good friend of mine and I had a long trip in a province in Japan, which was apparently the best place I have ever visited. That was a 2-week trip, filled with explorations, a lot of walking and hiking, and it was also the main reason why I had to shop for more travelling gears. I didn’t realize that my sleeping bag can be insufficient as I was very happy with its comfort for the past 2 years. But oh well, I knew I have no choice cause if I want to continue my hobby as a traveler, I have to purchase appropriate items.

This was where the Trek Self-Inflating Mat enters the picture. I have seen many of the co-travelers use this but I never got interested back then since I was contented with my sleeping bag. Later did I know this item is the perfect answer to a cold night’s sleep!

Product Features

The greatest comfort

With sleeping bags, you simply get in the bag and be contented with the warmth, coziness and comfort it has. Probably I was used to the outdoor coldness that I didn’t realize I needed a mat. But the Trek Self-Inflating Mat made me realize there’s better comfort sleeping with it. I positioned it under my sleeping bag and it was incredibly warm the whole night!

That is because of the materials used with the product. It’s basically made with diamond cut foam and accompanied with non-slip PVC polyester for the base. It also has PVC diamond ripstop top for higher level of quality. Now that is something I should really command, and for a self-inflating mat, it’s truly optimum.

Carry it like you’re carrying nothing

Oh yes! Believe it or not this item’s weight is next to none. I have used it a couple of times already and all those instances I was bringing loads of gears and outdoor essentials. Of course, you don’t expect too much weight from a simple sleeping mat, but what I want to stress out is the ease of carrying it around. Because it is an inflatable style, you can deflate it at first and the slip it in your rucksack. It also comes with its own stuff sack hence, bringing it anywhere is not a hassle at all. My Trek Self-Inflating Mat is specifically the long one with dimensions of 195x60cm and a 3m height.

The extras

Before I forget, I want to mention as well that this sleeping buddy of mine comes with its own repair kit! Not only is it convenient because it’s self-inflatable, it can also repair itself, almost. That of course, is alongside the durability and the fact that this is Duke of Edinburgh recommended. Talking about best sleeping products there!

Where it can be improved

On the drawback side, I just want to stress out that you should be warned about the leaking concerns of this item. I had mine returned and exchanged after a day of purchasing it because it was leaking and it felt like it’s not fully inflated. But for the second one that was sent back to me, I was very happy with it. No more leaks and its size and inflation were all perfect. Just a handy tip, don’t wait for the actual outdoor travelling before you check the item so that you can still have it replaced just in case.

Product Variations

Vango Adventure XL
Vango Trek Adventure DLX
Vango Ultralite




Final Say

For me, the Trek Self-Inflating Mat by Vango is something worth investing. The company is known to produce optimum products and they’re always in reach when some problems arise. I also love the fact that their items, especially the Trek Self-Inflating Mat is now made better! I just purchased another one for my younger sister and she experienced no problem with it! The price of this item is also very affordable hence, there’s no reason for you not to try it out.