Victorinox Army Knife Mini Champ Review

Another pioneering product manufactured by Victorinox is the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Mini Champ. Not only is the Mini Champ fit for outdoor activities, it is also ideal for day to day needs. All Victorinox army knives are manufactured with quality stainless steel that protects your tools and ensures a long lasting gear for you. It’s more compact than the other Victorinox Army Knives (58mm x 2.1/4in); making it handier while at the same time sill holds multiple features.


  • Small blade, thin Blade
  • Scissors
  • Retractable ball point pen
  • Nail file and nail cleaner (cuticle pusher)
  • Emergency blade
  • Screwdriver with ruler
  • Tweezers
  • Orange Peeler and scraper
  • Letter Opener
  • Wire Stripper
  • Bottle Opener with Screw driver
  • Emergency Blade

Product variations

Victorinox Midnite Mini Champ

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Tool

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Pocket Tool

Customer review

By: Deejaykitty

“I’ve waited a long, long time to own my own Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. After hinting for years and suggesting as a present for me, when asked, alas, no one took me seriously. I supposed not too many females crave a Swiss army knife!! So, biting the bullet, I purchased my own, and to be honest, I am absolutely thrilled. Ok, so it’s only a ‘wee one’, but already, I’ve used it half a dozen times (and no, it’s not me whipping it out at any available opportunity, these were genuine uses). The knife, scissors and tweezers have come into their own already (to the amazement of my female companions who needed said items!). I’ve already ear-marked a couple more of the knives for forthcoming gifts, and am already planning the next one for me!! Great product. Love it. By the way, I received the knife in 5 days from date of purchase, and considering I live in Spain, I was very impressed. The carrier, MRW, are top class. So all around, I am one happy customer!”

Final thoughts

Since it is just a little over 2 inches long, it’s small enough for you to carry. The retractable pen can also be replaced once the ink runs out. The Versatility of its usage makes the Mini Champ a must have, it’s not just for the boys anymore. Both genders can avail of this product and be comfortable having it, the multi-functionality of the tools makes it indispensible. It best works on camping or hiking trips, but it works well for everyday repairs and needs. The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Mini Champ aims for a compact, functional and versatile tool.