Victorinox Jelly Swiss Card Review

Everybody is familiar with what a Swiss Army Knife is– a small gadget that is handy for multi-tool needs. Victorinox, the number one producer of the Swiss Army Knife, came up with another tool with the same concept as the said gadget; the Victorinox Jelly Swiss Card. This innovative gadget is similar with the Swiss knife in a way that it includes handy tools for everyday needs. It comprises of detachable tools inside a sleek and slim Jelly Swiss Card, the same size as a credit card. With its size, it can be easily slipped inside your wallet or purse.


This tool includes:

  • Letter opener (blade)
  • Scissors
  • Nail file
  • Stainless steel pin
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver
  • Pressurized ballpoint pen
  • Toothpick

Customer Reviews

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By Seren Ade

“This is one of those gadgets… you don’t realise how very useful it is until you’ve got one!

The Swiss card is the same width as most credit/debit/store cards, slightly shorter than these, and about the same thickness as 4 cards stacked together. The Swiss card fits reasonably well (albeit a little snugly) into the card slots of e.g. wallets, purses, and personal organisers, and if you aren’t happy with the fit, Victorinox do make a dedicated leather storage pouch Victorinox Black Leather Pouch for Swiss Card.

The various gadgets are all typically good Victorinox quality, although the plastic of the card itself isn’t as well made as other items from the brand. I bought this as part of my brother’s birthday present, after he admired my Victorinox Jelly Swiss Card Lite Red. Although I’ve been quite happy with mine, I opted to get him this Classic version, in view of its better durability. The Classic card does contain one non-renewable consumable item (a ballpoint pen), but otherwise seems likely to have a better lifespan than the Lite version (which also has a micro torch with a non-replaceable battery, and a slightly vulnerable magnifying glass – in lieu of the nail file and toothpick).”

Final Thoughts

Since it is manufactured by Victorinox, and crafted in Switzerland, you can be secured that this product is made with 100 percent stainless steel. This compact tool does what is required of it, similar with the Swiss Army knife, the Victorinox Jelly Swiss Card functions as a multiple tool device that will assist you with your basic tool needs. It is also fashioned for long-termed use.

The Jelly Swiss Card is another pioneering product produced by Victorinox that is definitely a must have. It’s a marvellous small gadget that holds multiple tools perfect for your day by day needs! Here is an Amazon link for Victorinox Jelly Swiss Card if you need more info.