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6 Classic Experiences in Copenhagen

The largest city in Scandinavia manages to feel incredibly small town. Copenhagen is a capital of cutting edge design, modern architecture. The city also honors the classics and the traditions of its past.

Throughout the canals, lakes and sea that make up the city, you still sense Copenhagen knows where it came from with its Baltic port heritage. It also knows where its going and visitors have had no problem going here for a bit of fun, history and mermaid encounters of the statute kind.

Eat Your Heart Out Disney

If you’re traveling to Copenhagen with kids, we have got you covered. The inspiration for Disney’s worlds and lands came mostly in Denmark, at the Tivoli. The Tivoli, behind magical gates is one of Europe’s top amusement parks. Opened in 1843, you can see what Disney had in mind, but no world ever comes close to this effortless mix of natural and artificial the Tivoli provides.

The Tivoli holds 25 rides, two theaters and an open-air stage. While somewhat pricy to enter for the traveler on a budget, you can make an afternoon of it and even grab dinner within the Tivoli’s gates. Several restaurants of good quality can be found in this amusement park, not the norm compared to other theme parks.

Be a Sailor in the New Harbor Area

If drinking and eating are your sports of choice, you will want to head to Copenhagen’s New Harbor area. Colorful buildings fill with eateries and drinking holes, set up with nice views of the boats cruising on by.

However, the New Harbor area wasn’t always the safest spot to hang out while in Copenhagen. The area used to be covered with brothels the sailors would frequent. At that time, what happened in the New Harbor, stayed in the New Harbor. Hans Christian Andersen even had a home here.

Sit down at a restaurant and hope one of the sailboats that can’t fit under the bridges needs to get through. It is an amusing sight to watch the bridges of the New Harbor area reach for the heavens so that a local can go out on his boat for the weekend.

Put On Rose-colored Glasses at the Rosenborg Slot

The chief residence of Christian IV invites you to roam its palace grounds, almost in disbelief of its intact construction. If you want to enter the main royal palace in Copenhagen you can see the crown jewels inside.

If you would rather just explore the palace from outside, the red brick Dutch Renaissance style is appealing to say the least. You might notice right next to the Rosenborg Slot, most of Copenhagen is lounging. The Kongens Have are the gardens that surround the palace.

They are open to the public, a green space laid out in 1606. Most of Copenhagen comes here to sprawl out on the lawns while soaking up the sun in summer.

Go on a Mermaid Sighting

In the New Harbor area, Copenhagen’s most famous statue makes a home. The Little Mermaid may receive grunts from locals, but it has become the global symbol of Copenhagen. Erected in 1913, the statue commemorates the Hans Christian Andersen heroine.

See the City as the Bird’s Do at the Round Tower or Rundetarn

The oldest observatory in all of Europe lies in Copenhagen. Those that don’t mind heights can get a bird’s eye view of the city at the Round Tower. Constructed in 1642, the Round Tower features a spiral ramp to the top of the tower.

All Aboard a Boat Tour

From the New Harbor area there are a number of tour companies set up to take you out to see Copenhagen from the water. The boat tours feature guides who are very informed on the city. They will tell you little quirks about Copenhagen you wouldn’t read about in a guide.

Written by: Suzy Guese

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Alex @ ifs ands & Buts

Sunday 25th of November 2012

Can't forget Freetown Christiana!

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