Editorial Team

Amar Hussain


Amar is a veteran 7 continent world traveller, published travel writer, and entrepreneur. He has been seen in the likes of TIME, BBC, Entrepreneur, Lonely Planet and is a contributor to sites such as Forbes, Huffingtonpost, and Elite Daily. Amar has a keen interest in photography, history, writing, philanthropy and most importantly, travel.


Favourite places Amar has lived in are London, Sydney, Medellin, and Buenos Aires but generally just enjoys a roof anywhere in the world. Sometimes even the stars will do. Amar wishes that everyone, in some time in their life, would do a Gap Year.
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Catherine Luther


Catherine is an experienced travel marketing expert having had a successful career working for various major travel companies such as Kuoni, Flight Centre, and Radisson Blu. She will look for any opportunity to get away. Her favourite destinations include South Africa, Vietnam, and Japan.


Catherine’s hobbies include snowboarding, mountain biking, tennis and generally being active, and will try any adventure sport once. See her portfolio on Catherine Luther Weddings.