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The 10 Best Waterfalls in Florida

The 10 Best Waterfalls in Florida

Florida is a favorite destination for people who love the great outdoors. In fact, its waterfalls are some of the main attractions that bring visitors back to the state year after year. Though there are tons of waterfalls in Florida, here are the top 10 worth checking out first.

The Best Waterfalls in Florida

1. Falling Waters Sinkhole

Falling Waters is the type of cascade that is just the right combination of breathtaking natural beauty and mystery.

This waterfall is made up of a 100-foot pit that leads…well, no one knows for sure! The water level never rises much, so the stream continues, but where it goes is one of the park’s mysteries.

Due to potential falling dangers, this waterfall is only viewable from the wooden boardwalk walkway that leads you to the observation area.

However, that also makes it an easy and quick walk that’s accessible for most hikers.

2. Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs is a first-magnitude spring located in Rainbow Springs Park.

Formerly known as Blue spring, its status as a first-magnitude means it’s one of the largest springs in size. That isn’t surprising considering its 70-foot depth.

The springs are home to 3 different waterfalls that help circulate all the water that flows from the main spring area every day.

There are multiple trails you can take that range in length and difficulty, but a favorite among hikers is definitely the Yellow trail. This route is 3.5 miles long and is considered fairly easy.

3. Big Shoals State Park Falls

There are many reasons for outdoor lovers to visit Big Shoals State Park in White Springs, Florida.

One of the biggest draws of the park, however, is that it’s home to the largest whitewater rapids in the state.

An 80-foot waterfall made up of limestone cliffs helps create the rumbling rapids people have grown to know and love.

You can spend hours exploring lush nature here.

You can take multiple trails to get to the waterfall and rapids, all of which are generally considered easy to moderate in difficulty.

4. Disappearing Creek Falls

Disappearing Creek Falls is uniquely able to offer visitors a plethora of experiences.

Those who love nature can enjoy the relaxing 1.3-mile trail loop that takes you to the falls.

Though it can be moderately challenging for some, if you take your time, it’s a generally accessible route for most hikers.

Instead, people who love a good mystery will be in awe of the sinkhole the falls drop into.

You can speculate for hours on where the water goes as you watch it cascade rhythmically into the bottom of its pit.

5. Morikami Japanese Gardens

The Morikami Japanese Gardens are a must-visit location for anyone who goes to Delray Beach, Florida.

However, while you meander among the plethora of different walkways, sculptures, and plants in the garden, make sure you find the garden’s waterfall as well.

This waterfall may be man-made, but it still helps to curate a peaceful environment that’s perfect to sit near to relax for a few moments.

The cascade isn’t very large, measuring just 4 feet in width, but it’s beautifully designed and not to be missed.

It’s also a favorite spot for photos.

6. Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park Falls

The Devil’s Millhopper State Park has been a Florida landmark since the late-1800s, and for a good reason.

Visitors can see a variety of plant and animal life that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the United States, thanks to Florida’s particular climate, landscape, and ocean proximity.

The park’s waterfall, however, is one of the more beautiful and recommended areas to see while visiting.

The route to get to the waterfall is an easy one, thanks to the wooden walkway that was constructed to keep visitors from getting lost or hurt while exploring.

7. Florida Trail Falls

The Florida Trail currently boasts 1000 miles of trail path open for hikers, with more to come.

Obviously, a natural route like that will have its fair share of sites to see to take your breath away.

However, the Florida Trail Falls are some of the walk’s most relaxing and sought-after sites.

Many of the waterfalls along the trail are nameless, and there are enough of them to create their own list. Thus they’ve all been grouped together here.

If you have 60-90 days to spare, consider doing the full hike yourself.

8. Steinhatchee Falls

If you find yourself in Steinhatchee, Florida, you have to plan some time to visit Steinhatchee Falls.

This water cascade is the state’s broadest waterfall, located on a river that bears the same name.

The trail to get to the falls is a longer one. The route is 3.3 miles long, after all.

However, most hikers find it to be a fairly easy path, especially if you’re not trying to rush.

Take your time admiring the natural beauty of the protected Steinhatchee land, and you’ll arrive at the falls before you know it.

9. Falling Creek Falls

Though the Falling Creek Falls may not be the largest cascade in Florida, it’s still one of the most picturesque to visit.

As one of the state’s best-kept natural secrets, these falls make up a 10-foot waterfall tucked away in the woods surrounding Falling Creek.

Though the trail to get to the waterfall is uneven and rocky, don’t worry about being left completely to your own devices.

There are handrails along much of the trail which help lower the difficulty level a bit, so casual hikers can also do the trek.

10. Hidden Waters Preserve

Eustis, Florida, is where the Hidden Waters nature Reserve calls home.

With crisscrossing trails, the park offers a safe environment to make you feel as if you’re getting lost and discovering new places on your trek through nature.

In fact, you’ll practically stumble upon the little waterfalls that form during the area’s rainy seasons.

Since there aren’t many rushing creeks that form cascades, the best time to visit to see a waterfall in action at Hidden Waters is during the summer months when it rains regularly.

However, the park is beautiful all year round.

Featured Image Credit: Florida State Parks

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