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The 10 Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

The 10 Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

Tucked away in the Midwest, Wisconsin’s waterfalls are some of the state’s best-kept secret spots. Though locals know and love them, visitors from out of state may be unaware of how many beautiful falls there are to visit. So to help kick off your research, here’s a list of the top 10 waterfalls in Wisconsin.

The 10 Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

1. Copper Falls

In a state that’s no stranger to natural beauty, Copper Falls State Park manages to be one of the most scenic places in Wisconsin.

That’s largely thanks to the Copper Falls cascade, appropriately named after the copper deposits that were once found there.

Reachable via a 2.5-mile easy looping trail, the falls are the cherry on top of an already pretty spectacular hike through the woods.

The Bad River goes through several other waterfalls in the park as well. Visitors can easily spend hours exploring the woods to see them all.

2. Big Manitou Falls

Measuring an impressive height of 165 feet, Big Manitou Falls will take your breath away, whether it’s the 1st or the 100th waterfall you’ve ever seen in your life.

Most visitors, in fact, will say that you’ll be able to hear when you’re close to the falls before you even catch a glimpse of them. That’s because the thundering sound of water pouring into the falls’ gorge is impossible to miss.

Not only does visiting mean you’ll get a spectacular view of natural beauty, but you’ll also be seeing Wisconsin’s tallest waterfall.

3. Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls State Park is a favorite natural getaway for Wisconsin natives that manages to fly under the radar for out-of-towners.

If you love the great outdoors and getting your fill of some breathtaking views, this is the place for you.

Unlike some parks, Amnicon Falls doesn’t just have 1 waterfall for visitors to find. There are 4!

There’s practically a waterfall around every bend in the trail. To keep this list from being all Amnicon waterfalls, they’re all grouped together in this spot because each one is truly prettier than the last!

4. Willow Falls

Willow River State Park is a worthy destination for people who want to get closer to nature, thanks to the popular Willow Falls.

This waterfall is so popular that many visitors refer to the park itself as Willow Falls Park!

This rapids cascade is popular among visitors, however, thanks to the ambling trail, you’ll never feel like it’s too crowded.

That means you’re free to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day in nature and take your time on the 2-mile route to get to the falls. The time will fly before you know it.

5. Little Manitou Falls

You’ve read about Big Manitou Falls, now it’s time for its little sister Little

Manitou Falls to get her time to shine.

Located just a few miles upstream, this cascade may not be as big as the area’s larger cascade, but it’s still impressive in its own right.

Boasting a 30-foot drop, the waterfall offers an almost cinematic view thanks to the way it naturally splits the water at its ridge.

While the trail to get to the falls is a few miles long, it’s a very easy and relaxing route for hikers.

6. Upson Falls

Upson Falls gets the honor of being one of the most family-friendly waterfalls in the state of Wisconsin.

With its easy-to-access camping and picnic area and picturesque views, Upson Falls is often one of the first stops to kick off a hiking tour of the area.

The falls may not be the tallest, the cascade’s drop measures only 18 feet, but it makes up for that with its rustic and natural structure and surrounding landscape.

This is also a great first waterfall experience for children, thanks to the lack of loud thundering noises.

7. Potato River Falls

Though its name may be underwhelming, the Potato River Falls is not to be overlooked.

This waterfall boasts a 90-foot drop that introduces water to the Wisconsin Potato River. However, it’s not just the cascade fall that’s impressive, it’s the waterfall’s beauty as well.

Voted by many Midwesterners as one of the prettiest waterfalls in the US heartland, it’s more than worth the 0.8-mile hike it takes to reach it.

The hike is considered moderately difficult due to its uneven terrain, but it’s still suitable for most hikers who take their time.

8. Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek Falls may not be the largest waterfall on this list, but it’s one of the most characteristic.

While you might expect a waterfall that measures just 51 feet in height and around 5 feet in width to be overlooked, that’s never been the case with this mighty little cascade.

That’s precisely because the waterfall gives hikers the distinct feeling as if they’ve stumbled onto someplace secret and a little magical.

The shallow pool and creek allow you to splash through the waterfall’s runoff and really get up close to the downpour.

9. Brownstone Falls

Brownstone Falls is a waterfall you didn’t know you needed to see until the moment you stumbled upon it.

This dynamic cascade brings the water of the Tyler Forks into the Bad River Gorge in a way that looks like multiple streams are joining together.

The falls are viewable from the observation lookout, or you can take the 1.7-mile hike that will bring you up close and personal with the cascade.

You can also see Copper Falls on the same hike for a double dose of waterfall views.

10. Morgan Falls

Morgan falls is the perfect destination for hikers who want to spend time outdoors but also want a leisurely walk they can go on with their whole family.

The Morgan Falls trail route is a 1.2-mile loop that starts and ends at the parking lot, so you won’t get lost or too tired no matter if you hurry or take your time exploring.

Morgan falls is the focal point of the hike and offers a nice place to sit and relax as you admire and listen to the rhythmic hum of the roughly 90-foot waterfall.

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