Head Torch Reviews

Head torches have become essential to outdoor sports enthusiasts because of its hands-free lighting benefits and even for those situations where you’re trying to pack your backpack in the middle of the night.

Need your own head torch? I’ve listed our top 3 head torch brands.

Lighthouse 8 Led Headlight 3 Function

Lighthouse 8 Led Headlight 3 Function Silver

The Lighthouse 8 Led Headlight 3 Function features 8 super bright 30 lumen LEDs with three output options. It is considered one of the best LED head torches since is offers a working life of over 80,000 hours. The lamp casing is water resistant with an adjustable head strap and may be tilted by up to 90 degrees which is ideal in limited spaces and for different angles. This head torch is fitted with a fully flexible one-inch head strap for comfort. The Lighthouse 8 Led Headlight is well-known for its performance and durability.

Ring Cyba-lite Sprint Led Headlight

Ring Cyba-Lite Sprint Led Headlight

The Ring Cyba-Lite Sprint Led Headlight is considered the lightest head torch as it only weighs 25 grams. The LED light is very strong and bright because of its high tech Nichia while LED. This head torch is comfortable to wear and the light is a good intensity with a good focus. There is also a great magnifier lens for a focused spot lighting. The lamps are easily adjusted up to 90 degrees. Its burn time is up to 100,000 hours of continuous use due to its low power consumption. Ring Cyba-Lite Sprint Led Headlight is ideal for hiking, running and general walking around in the dark.

Pathfinder 21 Led Headlamp Headlight

Pathfinder 21 LED Headlamp Headlight - Waterproof. 4 Modes Of Operation, Head Safety, Lamp, Flash Light, Torch For Cycling, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Camping, Night Reading. Adjustable Beam Angle. 100,000 Hours LED lifetime (in RETAIL PACKAGING)

This kind of head torch has a high intensity 21 ultra bright LED bulbs with low power consumption. It is power efficient because it has advanced technology which lets the head torch give off full-power light until only fifteen percent of the total battery power is left. Its discharge time is up to 200 hours with the use of power save mode. It gives a good lighting for close range work as well as provides a super-bright light which allows distant objects to be easily seen up to 50 meters. The unique single hinge head torch body structure gives an almost perfect stability to it. This head torch is usually used to move around in caves and best used for night reading, mountaineering, camping, climbing, adventure racing, and mountain biking. Pathfinder 21 LED Headlamp Headlight can also be used in emergencies because of its blinking alert light mode. This powerful head lamp is extremely a good value and comfortable to wear.