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The 10 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Dallas

The 10 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Dallas

Dallas is known for many things, but you might not realize its sunsets are one of those things.

It’s hard to witness a bad sunset in the city, but some places certainly offer more magical views than others.

Here are the best places to watch the sunset to help you on your next Dallas trip.

The Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Dallas

1. Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower might be an obvious place to watch the sunset, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a visit.

This 561-foot observation deck is one of the tallest towers in the city.

You don’t have to worry about feeling rushed or crowded either, a typical visit to the top of the tower takes between 30 minutes and an hour, and most people visit earlier in the day.

So, if you time your visit just before dusk, you’ll get a fairly private, 360-degree view of the sunset all over the city.

2. Hilton Anatole

The Hilton hotel chains might be common all over the United States, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. The Hilton Anatole in Dallas, for example, has the honor of being one of the best places to spot the sunset in the city.

If you’re a guest at the hotel, you can enjoy the pool at dusk or ask for a west-facing room so you can watch the sunset from your windows.

Instead, everyone can grab a meal or drink and enjoy a relaxing sunset from high above the city.

3. Lake Ray Hubbard

If you’re looking for a place to watch the sunset that takes you out of Dallas’ city center, Lake Ray Hubbard is the place to go.

As one of the state’s largest lakes, you’ll have 22000 acres of water you can enjoy either from the shore or from a boat. You can even swim in a few designated areas during the warmer months.

Most tourists forgo visiting the lake, so you’ll get the place mostly to yourself to enjoy at dusk when the sun sets over the glittering, pristine water.

4. Omni Dallas Hotel

Tourists often overlook the Omni Dallas Hotel as a place to visit. Even locals tend to have the perception that it’s just a convention hotel.

They wouldn’t be wrong, the hotel is indeed connected to the Dallas Convention Center. However, it’s that connection that makes this the perfect place to take in a Texas sunset.

The hotel and convention center are connected via a sky bridge. That sky bridge’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer guests a picture-perfect view of the sunset as it dips over the city’s horizon.

5. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

About 25 minutes outside the Dallas city limits, you’ll find the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, a favorite place for locals in the area to get away from their busy day-to-day lives.

This 200-acre park is a family-friendly outdoor area with miles of hiking paths, playgrounds, and cover from the hot Texas sun.

Locals recommend heading out for a summer evening so you can watch the sunset over the horizon. Sure, the views may not be as dramatic as other places, but the preserve at dusk gives visitors a sense of peace.

6. White Rock Lake Park

White Rock Lake is a little oasis in the middle of the Dallas Metropolitan Area.

Just a few miles north of the city’s downtown district, you’ll find this 1015-acre lake and green park area.

Since the lake is so large, it draws locals who are looking to escape to a little greenery to relax, especially on weekends.

However, during the week, around dusk, you’ll notice the crowds thin out. That’s when you should stick around and find a nice relaxing spot to watch the birds, the water, and the sunset.

7. Sunset Bay White Rock Lake

If you’re already planning to go to White Rock Lake Park, but you want a little extra help about where in this large area you should try to catch the sunset, here are two words: Sunset Bay.

Sunset bay is a cozy little alcove of the lake with its own pavilion and easy access to the park’s main promenade.

However, this part of the park is the most in touch with nature, so watching the sunset from here means you’ll feel like you’re relaxing somewhere far away from the busy city.

8. Upper Deck Terrace Globe Life Field

If you’re a baseball fan, try to score tickets to a game while you’re in Dallas.

Globe Life Field is a great spot to see the naturally breathtaking beauty of the Dallas sunset meet the action of a game. However, if you’re really interested in some spectacular views, try to see if you can score your tickets for the Upper Deck Terrace.

The terrace gives you the best vantage point to see the sky change color as the sun goes down over the horizon in the distance.

9. Fort Worth Water Gardens

Since first being built in 1974, the Fort Worth Water Gardens have been a favorite spot for Dallas locals to keep cool on hot summer days.

The water gardens are actually a water installation made up of a small pool area enclosed by steps leading down to it. All of which have water running down them in a light, steady stream.

On a hot evening in the middle of the summer, there’s nothing better than sitting at the top of the steps to keep cool as you watch the sunset over the city.

10. Nylo Dallas South Side

NYLO Dallas South Side may now be renamed CANVAS Hotel | Dallas, but locals still refer to it by its original name.

Hotel might be in the name, but it’s much more than that. Visitors can grab drinks, have dinner, or enjoy the different events the establishment hosts.

It’s a popular location for parties and gatherings in part because of its views. You can get a cinematic view of the cityscape from the rooftop pool and bar area, which only becomes more vibrant and colorful when the sun goes down.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.