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Top 10 Brunch Restaurants and Best Breakfast in Oslo

Top 10 Brunch Restaurants and Best Breakfast in Oslo

With its rich mix of viking history and modern design, Oslo is a truly beautiful city that is proud of its heritage, its vibrant coffee culture and is the birthplace of a whole new wave Nordic fare. Unusual and innovative breakfast fare can be enjoyed throughout the city, as can more traditional dishes to keep you warm on chilly Norwegian days.

The Nighthawk Diner

An old-school American style diner, The Nighthawk Diner offers bottomless coffee and filling, hearty breakfast fare. With interiors shipped in from the USA, this is an unusual style of restaurant compared to the otherwise sparse interiors of traditional Oslo restaurants and the food is more gut-busting too. Diners favourites include breakfast burritos, greek omelettes, blueberry pancakes and cinnamon toast, as well as the milkshakes and smoothies. Be warned though, it gets very busy and you often have to wait for a table.

  • Seilduksgata 15, 0553 Oslo
  • +47 966 27 327
  • Monday – Thursday 07.00AM – 00.00AM, Friday 07.00AM – 1.00AM, Saturday 10.00AM – 01.00AM and Sunday 10.00AM – 11.00PM

Prince Lunchbar

Due to its location close to central station, Prince LunchBar is a popular meeting place for travellers and youngster alike. With a cosy feel and charming interiors, the brunch offerings are some of the most famous in the city.

Fresh ingredients come as standard and the service is excellent. Stay for coffee or tuck into hot cinnamon rolls, baguettes with salmon and dill or crispy bacon and syrup in fresh bread. The tea and coffee selection is also very good.

  • Kirkegata 20, 0153, Oslo, Norway
  • +4722422067
  • Monday – Friday 07.00AM – 5.00PM

Elias Mat & Sånt

An uber cool and stylish coffee shop close to Oslo Central Station Elias Mat & Sånt uses fresh ingredients to serve up imaginative twists on traditional Nordic dishes.

The menu is highly seasonal and in the summer you can sit outside in the delightful garden area. Brunches include scrambled eggs with salmon and dill served on freshly made rye-bread, open bacon sandwiches and fresh fruits and yoghurt.

  • Kristian Augusts Gate 14, 0164, Oslo, Norway
  • +4722202221
  • Monday – Friday 11.00AM – 9.00PM


Serving up possibly the very best brunches in Oslo, Grilleriet is a classic style bistro located in the heart of the city. Tying together a wide variety of international flavours, every dish is a delight at Grilleriet.

Breakfast diners favourites from the traditional Norwegian menu include flat breads, rye breads, flavoured cheeses, ham, salami, smoked or marinated fish, tipsy bacon, plump juicy sausages and eggs served in many different way.

Choosing from the breakfast buffet at Grilleriet is a truly Scandinavian experience and one that should not be missed.

  • Storgata 21-23, 0184 Oslo
  • +4722835600
  • Breakfast Monday – Friday 06.30AM – 10.00AM, Saturday and Sunday 08.00AM – 11.00AM


For health conscious diners in the city, Fresko offers a “fresh food bar” and the chance to dine in sleek and contemporary surroundings.  Healthy meals and extras are available all year round, as are pre-set detox programs, designed by nutritionalists.

Visitors love the protein pancakes, overnight oats, vegan breakfast bowls, Inca quinoa and Acai bowls. There are also a selection of detox drinks on offer as well as freshly made juices, protein shakes, coffee and tea.

  • Maridalsveien 21, 0178 Oslo / Vulkan Depot
  • +4722556063
  • Monday – Friday 08.00AM – 7.00PM, Saturday and Sunday 10.00AM – 5.00PM


As a coffee shop and cafe specialising in delicious fresh brews and soft, flaky croissants and pastries, Kaffebrenneriet is a great spot for a delicious breakfast whilst watching the world go by.

Close to the centre of the city, diners can enjoy croissants, scones, brioche, raisin breads, banana breads as well as freshly made yoghurts with chia seeds and a selection of gluten-free goodies too. Diners can also enjoy freshly made fruit juices and a choice of teas.

  • Groenlandsleiret 32, Oslo 0190
  • +47952 62 684
  • Monday – Friday 09.00AM – 7.00PM, Saturday and Sunday 09.00AM – 5.00PM

Pastel de Nata

More delicious baked goodies from this centrally located cafe and coffee shop, but this time they have a Portuguese flavour. Serving up steaming hot coffees and delicious breakfast goodies, Pastel de Nata is a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Customers love the Portuguese egg custard tarts and lemon cakes that are served complete with a coffee, juice of cup of tea.

  • Kongens gate 10, Oslo 0153, Norway
  • +47952 62 4566
  • Monday – Friday 11.00AM – 6.30PM, Saturday and Sunday 11.00AM – 4.30PM


Galgen is a cute and cosy neighbourhood cafe with a lovely outdoor diner area for summer days. With a relaxed atmosphere and a low key feel, Galgen is a good place to meet friends and enjoy brunch together.

If you like bacon, there is always plenty of it on the menu and customer breakfast favourites include breakfast plates with bacon, avocado and eggs as well as bacon and rye-bread open sandwiches. Great coffee and a selection of teas and juices are also available.

  • Strømsveien 1, Vålerenga, 0657 Oslo
  • +47485 12 255
  • Monday – Friday 07.30AM – 7.00PM, Saturday 10.00AM – 01.00AM and Sundays 10.00AM – 9.00PM

The Fragrance of the Heart

A friendly cafe serving up a variety of freshly prepared vegetarian and vegan food, The Fragrance Of The Heart is a rare find in Oslo. Reasonable priced food served by staff who are devoted to ethical eating make a warm welcome from the sleek, trendy eateries that can usually be found here.

Diners brunch favourites include Inca pie, Greek spinach pie, banana muesli bars, raw crackers and spelt cake. They also serve a delicious selection of herbals teas, coffees and juices.

  • Fridtjof Nansens Plass 2, 0160 Oslo, Norway
  • +4722332310
  • Monday – Thursday 11.00AM – 11.00PM, Friday and Saturday 10.00AM – 7.00PM and Sundays 11.00AM – 6.00PM

Gunnars Generasjonsbar

A sleek, hip and trendy bar and cafe in downtown Oslo, Gunnars Generasjonsbar is a fine example of next generation Norwegian dining. A spacious interior full of industrial touches and retro furnishings, with a laid back vibe and get tunes all day long.

Diners loved the bacon fried Brussel sprouts with scrambled eggs, sourdough bread, eggs Benedict, filled has browns fired bread with aioli and freshly baked rye bread from the bakery best door. They also serve steaming hot strong coffee and a selection of teas.

  • Torggata 13, 0181 Oslo
  • +47406 14 070
  • Monday – Wednesday 08.00AM – 7.00PM, Thursday and Friday 08.00AM – 3.00PM, Saturday 09.00AM – 3.00PM and Sunday 09.00AM – 7.00PM

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.