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Top 7 Best Beaches in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Top 7 Best Beaches in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Cancun is a wonderful, young city that has stood out for offering all its visitors wonderful experiences that they will undoubtedly want to repeat later. It doesn’t matter if your trip is alone or accompanied. I assure you that you will find at least one ideal activity for you.

In Cancun, there are many beaches, all different and with incredible characteristics. Such as blue water, luxurious hotels around or without them, calm or live music, in short, the beaches of Cancun are ideal for all types of travelers, if you want to know more about this, read on.

Before You Travel to Cancun

If there is something you need to know before visiting this paradise city is the following:

Be clear about the reason or theme of your trip. In this case, to visit beaches, you can also choose between archaeological sites, visit the route of the cenotes, know the city center, cross to Isla Mujeres, or simply go backpacking for a month to Cancun without worries. Even for that, you have to get psyched.

Save money. Cancun doesn’t seem like it, but unlike other destinations in Mexico, it’s a city where you’ll have to have a little more dollars than usual because there are unexpected activities, international meals, and places you’ll want to visit.

Accommodation in Cancun can be a bit high in price, so if you are traveling alone and on a low budget, I recommend you look for options such as hostels, hotels out of the Zona Hotelera, Downtown for example, or search for an Airbnb house, department or villa.

Flights to this Cancun are international as well as domestic, so you will rarely have difficulty traveling, but preferably anticipate your trip to the city and buy your tickets in advance (this does not only apply to cities like this one).

For obvious reasons, wear a swimsuit, light clothing, and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget sneakers for walking on difficult terrain, you will also find these kinds of places and here what we want is to have the best experience.

Transportation in Cancun

It’s advisable to cover this step before your trip. Just like a flight and accommodation, the method of transportation will mark much of what activities you can do during your stay in the city and its surroundings.

You can find many options online to get an Airport Transfer Cancun, or a taxi from the Cancun Airport, whatever vehicle you need.

You can also take the buses that drop you off downtown. However, you will have to consider that this is a double expense since you will have to pay for going to the center of the city and your destination. To this, you will have to add the commercial transport rates of the city. (Those are a little high since they charge not only for time but also for distance and perimeter).

If you plan to leave the city, you can get a Shuttle from Cancun Airport that will help you, because wherever you arrive, whether at the airport or downtown, you will already have a vehicle waiting to take you to your destination in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

Cancun Best Beaches

One of the main attractions of Cancun are its beaches, these have an incredible amount of annual tourism due to the beauty of its beaches with blue sea, white sand, and marine life, so here I share with you the best beaches of Cancun:

Gaviota Beach

You can enter to this public beach, a side of Mandala Beach Club, Coco Bongo, and Plaza forum, it is ideal for spending a day of partying taking advantage of the DJ’s at the nearby beach club. You will see different activities along the beach like Paddle boating near the breakwater, Beach Volleyball, and more.

Marlin Beach

One of the quietest beaches is undoubtedly Marlin Beach, where you will have plenty of space to choose where to protect yourself from the sun or, if you decide to, take a sunbath to show off your tan on your way back to your city.

Near this beach, you can find Plaza Kukulcán and Plaza la Isla, where you can buy basic necessities in the convenience stores and clothes and accessories in the highest quality shops. If you are passionate about essences and Duty-free shopping, this is the ideal place.

Caracol Beach

This beach is perhaps the most famous in Cancun, it has calm waters, and best of all, the departure of the Ferry to Isla Mujeres!

It is advisable to visit it early, as visitors start arriving from 11 pm. This beach is ideal for taking pictures because of the calm waters.

You can also visit the “Museo Maya” (Mayan Museum) nearby, all this is in the hotel zone, so you will have the facility to visit several sites in one day.

Punta Nizuc

One of the biggest attractions is right on the surface of its waters, where you can find one of the most incredible underwater museums in the world!

You can find MUSA located on the surface of Punta Nizuc. You can also find this museum in the crystalline waters of Isla Mujeres, where you can live an incredible experience immersing yourself in the immensity of the Caribbean Sea appreciating life-size statues with marine life in all its splendor living in this environment.

One of the Cancun best places to visit and practice Scuba diving!

Image Credit: VViktor via Pixabay

Riviera Maya Best Beaches

Paraiso Beach (Tulum)

Near the Ruins of Zama (a Unesco world heritage site), you will find a beach under a cliff with the most incredible waters and a magnificent landscape (you can’t miss the pictures here). After a tour of the archaeological zone and the Castle, you will find yourself with a refreshing bath after going down some stairs of approximately 7 meters high!

Playacar Beach (Playa Del Carmen)

Closer to civilization, you will find Playacar, a complex of houses close to the beach, that is why this beach it’s named like that.

One of the biggest places to visit in Playa del Carmen with its own Aviary, ruins, and beaches that you cannot miss, its white sand beaches are ideal for spending a day of fun and entertainment, if you prefer, you can also spend a day in the swimming pools of the residential or in one of the hotels if you decide to rent a day-pass.

Punta Esmeralda Beach (Playa Del Carmen)

A quiet beach to miss everything and find yourself, it’s Emerald Point in Playa del Carmen, the scenery you’ll see here doesn’t compare to anything you’ll see in this city!

Extra Activities and Places to Visit

Other beaches you can visit in Cancun and surroundings are the following:

  • Puerto Morelos Beach and ports
  • Playa Delfines in Cancun
  • Playa Presidente near RIU Hotel Cancun

Also, you can search for these activities:

  • Jet Skis Tour
  • Iron Man’s attraction (Plaza la Isla)
  • Ferris Wheel at plaza la Isla
  • San Miguelito and El Rey archeological Sites in Cancun Hotel zone
  • Fishing village

Featured Image Credit: Michelle Maria via Pixabay 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.